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Nathan Merillo

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TGrabert le Décembre 18, 2020
We can access templates for emails but cannot access anything in our playbooks. That makes no sense to me. If I'm mobile and want to send something from playbook like an agreement after a call to customer, I have to go outside the HubSpot to email Lire la suite
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Novembre 28, 2023
AntoninCrestois le Juin 07, 2022
Hi team, Currently users are able to edit the registration invitation email, password confirmation email, and password reset email within Settings > Website > Private Content as seen in the Knowledge Base . There is one more emai Lire la suite
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Octobre 19, 2023
+1 - Definitely need this!!
Adam-SixandFlow le Novembre 05, 2020
Currently, you have no date property that tells you today's date. This is genuinely a critical function if you are going to compete with other CRMs. How can a sales team set and keep SLAs if they can only look at the time spent in stage retroactivel Lire la suite
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Septembre 17, 2023
Even if it's not a field - just to be able to use Todays Date in Workflows/Custom Calculations is definitely a needed feature!
jmangiameli le Mai 02, 2022
Hello HubSpot community! Currently we provide phone numbers in the US, UK and Canada but we have plans to offer numbers in many more countries. We don't have a timetable but it is something we are actively working on. Use this post to let us know Lire la suite
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Novembre 02, 2022
Australia, Please!
Dylan le Septembre 01, 2020
Custom objects should have granular permissions based on each custom object, instead of the "umbrella" approach today where access is granted across all custom objects
Octobre 26, 2022
+1 Definitely needed!!
yorame le Avril 06, 2017
Great idea for HubSpot: make it possible to change the date that belongs to a note in the timeline. My sales colleagues don't always submit their notes on the day of a certain meeting/event, and by adding them later they don't appear at the right s Lire la suite
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Octobre 26, 2022
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