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Jonathan Campos

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JonPayne le Juin 29, 2021
Pablo Picasso said “good artists borrow, great artists steal.” and while we can’t advocate stealing ideas there’s certainly room to be inspired by the approach of brands in all other sectors. Without giving away personal information, post a screen Lire la suite
6 Mentions J'aime
21 Réponses
Octobre 03, 2022
I won't post it because it contains a lot of links BUT I joined a chamber of commerce dedicated to Veterans and their thank you email included a zoom...Lire la suite
JonPayne le Juin 29, 2021
It’s a tough question - often there are many in the business who don’t want to publish pricing and sometimes there are good reasons not to, how do you choose if you should share your pricing online? And if you do, how do you display it on your webs Lire la suite
8 Mentions J'aime
32 Réponses
Octobre 03, 2022
I haven't and i've looked at competitor's sites and they don't either with the exception of one and they were out of state. After seeing this and rea...Lire la suite
JonPayne le Juin 29, 2021
We’ve learned that a hero statement is as much about who you DON’T want to business with as who you do. Few brands are brave enough to put their hero statement front and centre. Who does it boldy? *To learn more about this, check out the Lire la suite
10 Mentions J'aime
25 Réponses
Octobre 03, 2022
Just blinds does a great job at telling you what it sells and by process of elimination, what it doesn't. Although shades and shutters are also part ...Lire la suite
KyleJepson le Juillet 11, 2021
Sometimes your customers will use your products in surprising ways. Do you have any stories about customers who used your product in a way you didn't expect? Was it a use case that your company decided to support, or was it one of those things bett Lire la suite
37 Mentions J'aime
128 Réponses
Octobre 03, 2022
They are hiring my product to remain compliant with local requirements and avoid penalties, demerits, and/or forced closure.
JonPayne le Juin 29, 2021
Online or offline, it’s hard to get everyone to arrive on time for internal meetings. The best leaders know this is essential to make the most of your time together. What’s the best incentive to get people in the room on time, every time? Lire la suite
7 Mentions J'aime
47 Réponses
Octobre 02, 2022
Some incentives are public recognition to the group and making it standard so that everyone expects it and can look forward to it, calling people out...Lire la suite
JonPayne le Juin 29, 2021
Not all of us have access to a complete data set to be able to calculate our conversion rates to set an SLA between marketing and sales. Join the discussion to get advice on how to create your SLA based on industry estimates. *To learn mor Lire la suite
25 Mentions J'aime
70 Réponses
Octobre 02, 2022
I'm a start up with 10 months worth of data. I am sales and marketing but I think I can start implementing this and reviewing it the further along I ...Lire la suite
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