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Caitlin Haire

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SarahX le Décembre 01, 2020
We really need a way to report on how long a ticket is spending at a particular status before progressing to the next step. I honnestly thought this was part of the functionality I was paying for with Service Pro. The ability to easily see where th Lire la suite
231 Mentions J'aime
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Avril 02, 2024
Yes! As other have said, would LOVE (and really need) a report showing how long the average timeframe is for each ticket stage as well as being able ...Lire la suite
CaitlinHaire le Novembre 06, 2023
Would love to be able to bulk edit drafts of social posts across all platforms that have been saved, much like you can bulk create posts across all platforms. For some reason, once a post has been saved, you have to go into each post individually to Lire la suite
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flippyfloppies le Septembre 01, 2020
There have been a lot of posts asking to freeze the first title row, but I'm surprised there's not more requests for freezing the first column, like you often do in Excel. Right now, I can edit the columns available to view under table actions ( Lire la suite
148 Mentions J'aime
92 Réponses
Juin 01, 2023
Yes! This would make a HUGE difference in the usability! I'm constantly making sure I'm on the right row, etc. First column should always be frozen, ...Lire la suite
Voytek le Février 04, 2020
It would be great for any marketing team to be able to add hyperlinks to different social media posts (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter). After taking a look at some documentation, it seems like the ability to add a hyperlinks on social post is n Lire la suite
69 Mentions J'aime
10 Réponses
Mai 16, 2023
Yes, would LOVE to see this! I feel like people are a lot more hesitant to click a link when it looks like its tracked as well...
estebbins le Juillet 05, 2019
*Submitting on behalf of one of our users* It would be great to have deals be visible in a calendar view. A calendar view for deals in the pipeline with a drop down menu on the side for the deal stages that allow you to see a similar view of Lire la suite
56 Mentions J'aime
19 Réponses
Mars 14, 2023
Yes! This is strongly needed in on our end... To be honest, surprised that this does not exist?
MHaskell2 le Mars 16, 2022
Currently, there is no functionality to post Reels or Stories to Instagram from HubSpot. This is extremely important as Instagram continues to transition to a heavily video content platform. Are you looking into implementing this feature anytime so Lire la suite
201 Mentions J'aime
54 Réponses
Février 28, 2023
Agreeing with all of this! Reels are driving more engagement and impressions, but need to be able to schedule and analyze in Hubspot.
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