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Jeff Ausura


arunsaldana on Setembro 25, 2020
Hi I need some help in uploading images to the file manager to use in "CMS for Developers Practicum". How can I do that? I am getting the message on the page You can't publish files right now We've reviewed your appeal and this account i Leia mais
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Professor de Inbound
Setembro 25, 2020
Hi arunsaldana, It sounds like you have an account that doesn't have all of the tools necessary for this practicum. You'll want to create a fr...Leia mais
arav on Abril 18, 2020
Dear Jeff, The problem is not this that i have not finished the practicum ,i have done it, but it always says that the practicum is being reviewed. I restarted the course and did it again for at least 2 to 3 times,but, the practicum says that Leia mais
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Professor de Inbound
Abril 20, 2020
Aravjot, As I said in my last reply, that account (7471837) does not have access to the CMS. It is not possible to do this practicum in an a...Leia mais
arav on Abril 17, 2020
Hi my name is Aravjot Singh Sandhu. I am 13 years old and i am in 9th grade. I am not going mess things up, but i am not getting your certificate. It's cms for devolopers. I am going to tell you this ,but , the praticum of that course is not is not Leia mais
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Professor de Inbound
Abril 17, 2020
Hi Aravjot! I'm going to direct message you about this with details on how to complete this practicum. Jeff
martaz on Dezembro 12, 2019
So I am a little confused about what is expected in terms of the header and footer nav. Are we being asked to implement a drop down and a mobile menu here as well ? Or is the main point demonstrate the reponsive leadership module area.
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Professor de Inbound
Dezembro 12, 2019
Hi @martaz . Take a look at the screenshots on the requirements page for reference. Drop downs or mobile specific menus are not a requirement. The...Leia mais
javlib on Outubro 25, 2019
I have some questions regarding the practicum, mainly related to the link to send your work: I don't know how to link it or send it. I mean, where it says: Submit the link to your practicum here * Make sure to include the link to the template and n Leia mais
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Professor de Inbound
Dezembro 06, 2019
Hi @javlib , I apologize for the long delay in answering this. Not sure if you've already submitted things, for clarity's sake: Any link to a t...Leia mais
ManveerS on Setembro 05, 2019
Hello team, I have passed the HubSpot CMS for Developers exam and also submit the template for this. But didn't get any notification about certification is clear or not. It's been many days. Can you please help me regarding this. Thanks, M Leia mais
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Professor de Inbound
Setembro 06, 2019
Hi @ManveerS , Sorry, I was a little behind on grading these with INBOUND events. I took a look at your work and you're all set. You should hav...Leia mais
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