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Jack Coldrick

I'm a former HubSpotter with 5+ years at the company. I've worked pre and post sale. I originally started in the company as a member of our professional services technical consulting team helping customers integrate and get the most out of the platform. I then began working presale as a solutions engineer and helped prospective clients see the value of the tools and ensure their technical needs were addressed. I now head up the presales and solution architecture team at an elite HubSpot partner Inbound Fintech.


YWAMQT en Noviembre 22, 2022
Hello, It seems that adding custom properties to the PROPERTIES SENT FROM HUBSPOT field in a CRM Card's Data Request tab is currently broken. When I try to type in a custom property internal name and then either hit the Enter key or click Create Leer más
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Diciembre 16, 2022
Hey @YWAMQT I reached out to the Hubspot team via the developer slack channel and mentioned this issue. They confirmed it as a bug on their end (as...Leer más
andrenellin en Diciembre 09, 2022
Is it possible to add automated emails sent by HubSpot to the Contact or Deal Timeline as an event? For example Marketing Email 1 Sent,
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Diciembre 14, 2022
Hi @andrenellin , Emails sent automatically via workflow should appear by default on the contact record. If you filter the timeline by "Mark...Leer más
AShamny en Diciembre 08, 2022
Hey guys I downloaded an app to my account and I want to know if I am paying for the API calls from his side. For instence, if I am doing an action on the app and its logging it on my hubspot account, is it costing me 1 call. Thanks! Leer más
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Diciembre 08, 2022
Hey @AShamny , If you've integrated a system with HubSpot and it's interfacing with any of the data in your portal it would definitely be cons...Leer más
Micole en Diciembre 04, 2022
Hi, I found this topic but none of the responses has worked on my account. After trying to create and install an app I get this message bellow: "Insufficient scopes were provided. Please contact the app developer" The first thing I tried was Leer más
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Diciembre 07, 2022
Hey @Micole , I created a short video for you that might help: It runs t...Leer más
THammer en Diciembre 07, 2022
Hi, We are looking into sending transactional emails from HubSpot, either through SMTP og single-send. In order to do so, we will need to be able to attach pdfs; both static and dynamic ones. According to this blog post from HubSpot in 2020 , Leer más
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Diciembre 07, 2022
Hey @THammer , I am the author of that article, I originally shared it on LinkedIn whilst I was working at HubSpot (no longer working there)...Leer más
SMcIver en Diciembre 02, 2022
Hello, We've recently had a new website built and I've encountered an issue with Hubspot's tracking of our custom forms. All of the forms are being collected fine apart from our booking form: Leer más
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Diciembre 05, 2022
Hey @SMcIver , There are a couple of other issue s that could impact non-hubspot forms from collecting data, specifically: Form is no...Leer más
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