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Boris Koehoorn


Adam-SixandFlow on Novembro 05, 2020
Currently, you have no date property that tells you today's date. This is genuinely a critical function if you are going to compete with other CRMs. How can a sales team set and keep SLAs if they can only look at the time spent in stage retroactivel Leia mais
293 avaliações positivas
76 Respostas
Maio 03, 2024
The workaround with workflows is useful but as my devs tell me "Today's date is a super important variable" and it will eliminate a lot of custom cod...Leia mais
Prudhvi on Fevereiro 13, 2023
Should be able to submit and monitor forecasts on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. For many SMEs sales cycles are relatively smaller and the need to forecast fortnightly is relevant for sales leaders. Currently the best we can do on hubspot is Monthly! Wh Leia mais
1 avaliações positivas
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Março 18, 2024
Couldn't agree more. It's super weird that the forecast report tool offers a "Button" that appears to be able to be changed to another range but it's...Leia mais
arlogilbert on Novembro 10, 2021
It would be great if we could require CRM object association as part of the creation of another CRM Object. For example, a deal always has a company and at least one contact, yet we have no way of requiring that these two items be selected. It w Leia mais
49 avaliações positivas
19 Respostas
Março 13, 2024
Just want to add a quick +1! Most of our deals have two companies associated and it's hard to enforce proper fill rate for this since there's a stron...Leia mais
kbjornaas on Setembro 20, 2019
In order to use the meetings tool, you have to use the Google Calendar Integration. Unfortunately, this syncs ALL meetings, including internal meetings that have no reason to be in the CRM and this generates inaccurate reporting. A couple of Leia mais
208 avaliações positivas
68 Respostas
Fevereiro 13, 2024
I feel obliged to chime in here as well, since this is very unfortunate. Especially since the email logging does have the ability to block meetings w...Leia mais
HubSpot_Corey on Novembro 14, 2023
In the context of individual reporting for Sales Representatives, an important consideration arises regarding the need for accommodating multiple hosts in a single meeting. This feature becomes crucial when multiple representatives are involved in Leia mais
45 avaliações positivas
13 Respostas
Janeiro 29, 2024
Sounds like this suggestion is similar to this post: mais
JDunn6 on Janeiro 11, 2024
For the campaign "Revenue Attribution," it would be helpful for us to filter the deals that show, for instance, only having it show deals with the "deal creation date" being after the campaign date instead of all-time deals.
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Janeiro 16, 2024
Couldn't agree more! It would be super helpful to have more flexibility when it comes to the revenue attribution reports in campaigns.
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