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JJong le Avril 20, 2021
Hi Developers, It would be a great function if it were possible to reset the lead score of a contact person to 0. This way, after e.g. a sales offer, it can be resetted to 0, and start recounting. This will benefit both the sales and marketing t Lire la suite
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Janvier 30, 2023
I really need this.
SteveA1 le Septembre 24, 2021
Hi. Feature Request: Sort sales task list by Associated Contact and Associated Company. Other columns have the ability to sort by, but those 2 do not and in my mind they are as useful as Due Date sorting, certainly more useful than Title.
8 Mentions J'aime
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Novembre 17, 2022
I want to create a list of companies associated with a task named "x". This would be really helpful.
Emre_Vonk le Octobre 03, 2022
It looks like it is not possible to limit the number of associated contacts you send an email to. It would be really helpful if we can limit the number of associated contacts we send an e-mail to, for example five. Lire la suite
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jessio le Mai 30, 2018
I think it would be great to be able to schedule a recurring meeting with a contact. At the moment you can schedule meetings & integrate this with your calendar but you can't schedule it to happen every week, month etc, so you need to continue a Lire la suite
155 Mentions J'aime
49 Réponses
Septembre 19, 2022
Four years later. Any update on this? Really need this.
Emre_Vonk le Juillet 29, 2022
Dear reader, During the week or month, I have several questions pending at Hubspot service. Some are urgent, some less so. That is why I use both email and chat for this. However, when I look in my personal inbox, I only have the choice to Lire la suite
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alassman le Juillet 15, 2019
Seems ridiculous that something so basic isn't supported on HubSpot. I have a form, the CTA button and the gated content all in HS but no way for the form to popup when someone clicks the CTA. Why do they need to be sent through to a different landi Lire la suite
244 Mentions J'aime
73 Réponses
Juin 22, 2022
Just what I needed! Hopefully this idea will get implemented soon. Right now I have to use another service of another company.
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