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Christopher Martin

I'm a senior insights and technology marketer with hands-on experience of growing profitable businesses, building cross functional teams and developing successful, long term brand strategies. Today, I act as CMO for insights empowerment company FlexMR, write for the Forbes Agency Council, host the MRX Lab podcast and conduct research into commercially viable models of purpose-based economies.


AkshayDhone le Mars 23, 2022
As each company focuses their marketing efforts on traditional and now a day’s digital marketing, it is easy to forget the marketing basics. It is important to have a good traditional and digital marketing capability, but if your company can’t pass Lire la suite
Avril 29, 2022
Thanks for sharing @AkshayDhone - certainly an interesting read. It reminded me of an older, but still very relevant piece from Field & Binet (...Lire la suite
pawan47 le Avril 19, 2022
So, I have been in this niche since the last couple of months and I still don't know how to make a portfolio. Medium and LinkedIn seem to be a nice platform but the fact that I don't have any published articles act as a barrier in my career. I am cu Lire la suite
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Avril 29, 2022
Hey @pawan47 , I feel your pain. A lot of my early work was ghostwriting (bylined as companies, CEOs and other senior team members). If you are ...Lire la suite
kvlschaefer le Avril 27, 2022
Hey Community, This week we want to spotlight Chris Martin you might know him as @CJ_24K in the Community.   Chris shared how he started using HubSpot and what he does for work. Discover what he does in his free time and Lire la suite
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Avril 27, 2022
Thanks for sharing @kvonloeseck - its awesome to be featured here, and a member of this brilliant community!
Rishu le Avril 24, 2022
Hello Everyone, I am new to this content creation & marketing. I need guidance for starting something new like blogs or youtube channels to upskill myself and explore new things in this boring day-to-day job life.
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Avril 25, 2022
Hey @Rishu , Here's a couple of YouTube channel recommendations from someone who's been in marketing for just over 10 years: GaryVee V...Lire la suite
jbogaert le Avril 11, 2022
Hello Revenue Operators! HubSpot Academy launched a free Revenue Operations certification ! If you're in operations, or if you aspire to be, this course can be the foundation you need to grow your career as a RevOps professional. Lire la suite
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Avril 22, 2022
This is great - just started working through it today!
CJ_24K le Avril 22, 2022
Like many companies, we host aspects of our core web properies (such as our blog and resource centre) on HubSpot. We also manage a Help Centre through the Knowledge Base. We use a custom brand font (not in the Google font library) across all we Lire la suite
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