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Jay Baumgardner


HBruce on Agosto 19, 2022
We find our Sales Team creating a New Deal, then often realising that the Contact isn't yet on our databse. So they have to cancel the creation, to set up a new contact, then go back to create a new Deal. It would be extremely benifical if we we Leia mais
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Abril 13, 2023
Love this idea! We certainly have a use for this.
jaybaum on Março 29, 2023
It would be amazing to set the phone / "make a phone call" activity button as a hyperlink to the contact or companie's phone number if HubSpot calling is not enabled. We're not using HubSpot calling or an integration. Rather, our reps click the Leia mais
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DBola on Março 27, 2023
One of the things we use the most in Hub is Form Submissions. Sifting through all the submission in the form section or going through the contact card to find the form we are looking for is tedious. And as I recently learned, yes we can filter it bu Leia mais
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Março 27, 2023
Ummm... this would be AMAZING! You've got my vote.
NicoleSengers on Fevereiro 21, 2022
I would love to be able to add in the new association labels using a workflow - rather than needing to do this manually. this would enable businesses who have contact A who makes a booking and Contacts B, C, D etc who attend a course or an event f Leia mais
536 avaliações positivas
168 Respostas
Março 22, 2023
@zeke - any chance we'll be able to view assocation labels in list/table view with this? Currently, we can only see the labels within a record itse...Leia mais
BMcRae on Março 22, 2023
For the Tasks function, it would be helpful if the following were available which would make it easier to create and filter tasks. Option to clone a task from the Task list and Task Edit popup - currently, no clone feature - all task info has Leia mais
5 avaliações positivas
3 Respostas
Março 22, 2023
You've got my vote! Three more things to add to this... Ability to add a subtask. Advanced text formatting within the task description (strikethro...Leia mais
BByler101 on Março 21, 2023
Hello Friends, I bring to your attention the fact that the File field type only functions as an actual File upload field IF you use it on a form. Within the CRM, it functions as single-line text. This is a significant limitation. Here are Leia mais
11 avaliações positivas
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Março 21, 2023
Love this idea! We would even use it to upload a price list on a company record for our vendors, tax exemption certificates for customers, and even c...Leia mais
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