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Jay Baumgardner

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DannyHS on Outubro 16, 2023
It appears that the Leads Object Beta allows for only the record (contact/company) owner to be assigned to the Lead record. How are people using this for accounts with shared prospecting ownership where either (or both) an AE and SDR may be calling Leia mais
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Junho 13, 2024
@AndrejG head over to Settings > Data Management > Objects > Leads Uncheck "Sync Lead Owner with contact or company owner". ...Leia mais
jaybaum on Janeiro 19, 2024
Marketing events are sooooo hidden! They're litterally "marketing" events. Why arent they listed under the marketing item in the navigation bar? Please add them.
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Junho 12, 2024
Bumping my own idea. This is needed!
StatMedInc on Maio 15, 2024
It seems like a recent change but the HS app is covering the reading pane and is a pain. Does anyone know how to make outlook responsive to opening the HS app and resize accordingly?
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Maio 22, 2024
We've been having the same issue for around a week now. Very frustrating. Seems to be an issue across all outlook users who use add-ins, not only Hub...Leia mais
InmaIID on Fevereiro 23, 2022
While testing the forecast submission, and then when we tried to delete the test is not possible. It has been confirmed by support team in ticket #9412383. It will be great to be able to delete tests as you can delete deals, accounts or contacts. T Leia mais
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6 Respostas
Maio 15, 2024
Forecast submission deletion NEEDS to be possible! One of our users was training and entered an incorrect submission.
NArtadi on Junho 05, 2023
This idea is based on the following comment. Please upvote it . To be able to export the manually inputted forecast data via an API or any ETL tool, as to have this data in our warehouse. The data is needed by RevOps to report numbers, run Leia mais
27 avaliações positivas
11 Respostas
Maio 15, 2024
Really need this! Having Forecast as an object with it's properties within workflows could also solve this.
jaybaum on Janeiro 23, 2024
Any chance we could get an "Export" button on the marketing campaign budget tab UI?
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Maio 03, 2024
@JennyMueller amazing - and to top it off you overdelivered with total campaign export. Bravo!
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