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Jacob Borden


Himation on Julho 01, 2019
It should be possible to bulk edit the associated company property for multiple contacts. At the moment, you need to change this one-by-one, which is unnecessarily tedious.
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Novembro 22, 2022
k8isgreat on Junho 28, 2017
I was under the impression that when a Deal is attached to a Company, the contacts would automatically be pulled into the "Contacts" box. I would love the contacts to automatically be added when a company is attached to a deal so that 1. It Leia mais
286 avaliações positivas
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Novembro 12, 2022
TMF1090 on Março 05, 2019
We have multiple sequences running and need to be able to create list of contacts who have been enrolled into a sequence. This allows us to run different types of field, email and product/services campaigns based upon the location of the contacts Leia mais
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Novembro 02, 2022
This would be super helpful!
JWaack on Outubro 07, 2022
In the old social media tool, it was possible to replace the preview image of links with a different image without losing the "linked image" function of a normal preview. In comparison, on Twitter and FB, any image replacement will always end up wit Leia mais
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Outubro 18, 2022
+1 New tools should not get rid of previous features.
mrprice on Agosto 24, 2020
It would be great if we could configure the ability to display pinned Notes to show up in the Preview (right) sidebar.
23 avaliações positivas
6 Respostas
Outubro 04, 2022
+1. Being able to see the latest engagement in the preview of a record would be really nice to get a quick view of what is going on.
Vsnelgrove on Fevereiro 13, 2020
My company owns 8 event venues within about 40 minutes of each other. Each locaiton has its own Sales Manager who uses HubSpot sequences. We use sequences for when brides inquire about our locations and it is very common we have the same bride ask f Leia mais
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Agosto 30, 2022
+1. This would be super helpful.
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