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Megan Larson

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MLarson-TWG le Octobre 20, 2022
The set your own price feature is really cool! What would be even better is the ability to set a minimum. Pay what you want (minimum $25). Or whatever the set minimum amount is.
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MLarson-TWG le Octobre 20, 2022
Currently, discount codes only go up to 99%. When a client wants to be invoiced but we still need them to complete the registration process, a 100% discount code is needed. This seems like an easy thing to fix.
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MHaskell2 le Mars 16, 2022
Currently, there is no functionality to post Reels or Stories to Instagram from HubSpot. This is extremely important as Instagram continues to transition to a heavily video content platform. Are you looking into implementing this feature anytime so Lire la suite
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Septembre 21, 2022
It took forever to get the ability to do carousel posts. We definitely need the ability to post reels. It would be great if Hubspot could partner w...Lire la suite
MLarson-TWG le Août 30, 2022
Hello! Overall we love the calendar feature, but really need to cap the # of meetings per week so our team doesn't get overwhelmed. We have very limited availability with shared calendars, so we leave as many meeting spots open as we can in order Lire la suite
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uoduwa le Juillet 29, 2021
It'd be helpful for the " Send to more" functionality to also work for A/B, timezone, and automated emails. If we have a high-performing email, it usually makes sense to simply send to more vs. clone and re-create a separate email with separate metr Lire la suite
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Août 18, 2022
This would be a great feature. We have an automated email that goes out to participants before specific events. Sometimes people say they didn't ge...Lire la suite
JoeMayall le Avril 14, 2021
Submitted on behalf of a customer It would be beneficial if the cards on the Deal Board view could be custom color-coded. This would help users organize their deal performance and understand it at a glance. Other Deal Board customizat Lire la suite
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Juin 07, 2022
This would be so helpful. There are at least 5 different use cases where this would be amazing. I could color code to denote different teams. Colo...Lire la suite
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