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Laura Brennan

I'm a HubSpot nerd (6 years strong and building) who dreams in workflows. After many years in the B2B world, I just made the switch to consumer-facing and am loving life on this side of the equation! We're a brand of premium tennis and athletic clubs in the US and Canada.


AKettula on Juni 05, 2024
As of today, limiting user rights to "contacts/companies/deals/tickets - they own" does not hide meetings logged to contacts/companies/deals/tickets users do not own from the "Search HubSpot" results these users see . This means that even Beitrag ansehen
Juni 07, 2024
@AKettula this is SUCH a great post/idea! We're having this issue as well -- search results are "clogged" with records users would otherwise not be...Beitrag ansehen
laurabren on Mai 10, 2024
We would like to have a user's ability to customize object records (left side/right side bar, center tabs, etc.) be broken out as its own "line item" in the "Account" portion of permission sets. This should really be an admin-only ability, but we'd Beitrag ansehen
laurabren on Mai 10, 2024
I would greatly appreciate if "HubSpot team" of the assignee and/or their user status (active/deactivated) to the available filters in tasks. We have a large quantity of users (400+) with certain users having high turnover rates. When those user Beitrag ansehen
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HanzWil on April 19, 2024
The one thing that really annoys me about Hubspot forms is that you have to create custom property if you want to add a custom field to a form. We have a lot of different forms, most time for just a short amount of time but with multiple entries Beitrag ansehen
5 Antworten
Mai 03, 2024
This would be such a massively helpful update.....there are many times we want to capture submission data, but don't need it to write to a contact pr...Beitrag ansehen
Julia2 on Juli 22, 2020
It would be fantastic to be able to create forms for niche uses that did not map back to contact properties. One use case: You're doing a special contest or collaboration with a partner where you're collecting information to offer a product/ se Beitrag ansehen
Mai 03, 2024
So frustrating to have to create a new property for every single form field! Creates a ton of clutter on object records.
AVara on September 10, 2021
I have a field where I would like to capture data when a lead is created, but I don't want that field overwritten when the lead takes additional actions. Today, the field is overwritten if I can add it as a hidden field on forms. It's been reco Beitrag ansehen
18 Antworten
Mai 03, 2024
Huge huge huge huge HUUUUUUGE upvote on this. We currently have an enormously over-complicated custom object architecture to allow us to capture form...Beitrag ansehen
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