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Shiran Azoulay

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UnicornMarketer en Julio 13, 2017
I know Hubspot allows you to block free email domains on forms, but in an effort to clean junk contacts out of our database (we're at 51K contacts), I want to build a list of all free domain emails to remove them from our database. I found a lis Leer más
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Junio 08, 2023
OMG. This is priceless! Someone give that man (or woman) a cookie!
Jana1 en Septiembre 17, 2019
There are error messages in the HubSpot forms which always appear if, for example, an e-mail address is incomplete or a required field has not been filled in. Currently I cannot change anything about this text. However, it would make sense if we cou Leer más
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Julio 20, 2022
me neither
vikram-mit en Agosto 11, 2020
i have email template for our lead follow up emails where we usually suggest a date 2 business days of sending the email. currently, it is a pain to manually update the date every time we send email. is there a way to insert it dynamically the way w Leer más
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Julio 03, 2022
Thank you! This was very helpful!
ThomasF en Agosto 26, 2019
Hi, It would be nice to be able to add dynamic date in an email template. A token pulling today's date for instance. For instance, we put the date of the send on the top of our Newsletter, this would avoid the need to update it on every send. Leer más
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Julio 03, 2022
Can't believe this is not a thing yet
ShiranA en Abril 28, 2022
So I am wrecking my brains over this, for some reason it seems like I am the only person in the world who wants to have a drop-down Country/RegionHubspot property, so I can efficiently geo-segment my audience AND use LinkedIn lead gen forms that sy Leer más
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Junio 28, 2022
Going back to this now, just wanted to say I tried the ISO alpha 2 values (which was a bit of a hassle) and unfortunately, it didn't work. Surprising...Leer más
AnaïsB en Enero 24, 2019
Hello there, It would be great if we had the option to make form fields autocomplete ; for adresses, using the Google Maps autosuggest could do something like that : We have a lot of trouble treating duplicates and typos, which would be Leer más
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Junio 28, 2022
This is SO important! How is this not built into HS already?
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