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Cameron Becker


kara_susvilla on Julho 11, 2021
It takes a lot of time and energy to create a piece of content. Keeping this in mind, how could you repurpose your next piece of content into new formats? Share with us in the comments below. *To learn more about this, check out the Exten Leia mais
131 avaliações positivas
1081 Respostas
Fevereiro 24, 2022
You could repurpose an old blog post into a video or podcast. There are definitely different audiences that consume written, video, and audio conten...Leia mais
kara_susvilla on Julho 11, 2021
A working title is something to "work" off of as you begin to write your post. Start here to narrow your topic down and focus on one angle. A broad term, like “social media,” could breed multiple blog post ideas like “top social media channels for l Leia mais
391 avaliações positivas
3275 Respostas
Janeiro 19, 2022
Broad Topic: Trading Card Games Trading Card Games and Where to Play Them Learn How to Play Trading Card Games (With Tutorial Videos) The Best De...Leia mais
kara_susvilla on Julho 11, 2021
Having a process also allows you to think of ideas that may not be easily apparent. What's one thing you do to help come up with new ideas? How can you incorporate this into a repeatable framework (for yourself as well as those you collaborate with Leia mais
257 avaliações positivas
2261 Respostas
Janeiro 18, 2022
When trying to come up with new ideas, I typically look for inspiration from others either in person or online. After considering multiple perspecti...Leia mais
kara_susvilla on Julho 11, 2021
Setting marketing goals provides you long-term vision and short-term motivation. It helps you organize your time and resources so that you can make the most of your efforts. In the comments below, share a SMART goal you're working towards this year. Leia mais
379 avaliações positivas
2430 Respostas
Janeiro 17, 2022
My SMART goal is building up my marketing skills by taking online marketing courses.
kara_susvilla on Julho 11, 2021
Your content creation process should be something that's clear, repeatable, and organized. It's important to evaluate your process from time to time to see how it can be improved (for you and those you collaborate with). Before you create Leia mais
1212 avaliações positivas
4138 Respostas
Janeiro 14, 2022
I will work on being more organized in order to streamline the content creation process.
kara_susvilla on Julho 11, 2021
Regardless of the story you’re trying to tell and how you’re trying to tell it, storytelling has three essential elements: Characters Conflict Resolution Choose one of your favorite brands, and tell their business's story by answering th Leia mais
987 avaliações positivas
5266 Respostas
Janeiro 12, 2022
Who is the brand? Bushiroad Who is their audience? Their audience consists primarily of teenagers and young adults throughout the world. ...Leia mais
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