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Azher Rubbani

As sales expert, I help my company to implement and practice frictionless sales though the right balance of automation and human intervention. The vision is to optimise the sales journey, resulting in increasing the velocity of sale and yet creating a fulfilling employee and customer experience.


JonPayne on June 29, 2021
It’s a tale as old as time (well, since the 1990’s) - the IT team and the sales team not communicating effectively. But when they do get on, the combination can really light a fire under the growth of the business. How have you overcome (or seen pe read more
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January 10, 2022
Hi In my experience, for any departmental relationship to work & collaborate, it needs a over arching promotion and approval of the CEO or MD. more
JonPayne on June 29, 2021
It’s a tough question - often there are many in the business who don’t want to publish pricing and sometimes there are good reasons not to, how do you choose if you should share your pricing online? And if you do, how do you display it on your webs read more
April 08, 2022
It depends. I believe this answer varies according to the business model, right?
JonPayne on June 29, 2021
We’ve learned that a hero statement is as much about who you DON’T want to business with as who you do. Few brands are brave enough to put their hero statement front and centre. Who does it boldy? *To learn more about this, check out the read more
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March 16, 2022
I consider that this is about the job to be done. Ones offer a closed-loop to provide the best experience they can deliver. Others offer an more
KyleJepson on July 11, 2021
Sometimes your customers will use your products in surprising ways. Do you have any stories about customers who used your product in a way you didn't expect? Was it a use case that your company decided to support, or was it one of those things bett read more
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July 06, 2022
As sales representative for Guinness Nigeria I market my goods to retailers to sell to consumers doing that they make profit for themselves.
JonPayne on June 29, 2021
There’s many benefits to finding your personas on social media - from understanding what’s topical to learning how they describe their problems and even reaching out to start the relationship. Join the discussion to share ideas on how to find and m read more
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Contributeur de premier rang
April 03, 2022
Authenticity is the key to social media - sounding 'corporate' will turn a prespective client into a lost deal.
JonPayne on June 29, 2021
Online or offline, it’s hard to get everyone to arrive on time for internal meetings. The best leaders know this is essential to make the most of your time together. What’s the best incentive to get people in the room on time, every time? read more
26 Replies
Key Advisor | Diamond Partner
April 04, 2022
Thanks for the recommendation, @JoeBurchard !
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