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LizO on February 04, 2022
Does anyone else find that they build a report and either give it a supper long name or constantly click back into edit mode to understand their filters? Or maybe you are building reports for others and need to communicate your settings, what questi read more
jleow on April 21, 2020
HubSpot makes it simple to update and maintain databases with bulk property editing and updating properties via workflows. But at the same time, it's also easy to incorrectly bulk edit records. Is it possible to revert property changes? The s read more
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Community Manager
April 28, 2022
Thanks for sharing, @PEvans ! Obrigada! 🙂
DBowers3 on June 16, 2017
Think business consultant or sales broker - We'd like to be able to have one contact associated with multiple companies in Sales CRM.
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March 31, 2022
Completely agree with the feedback from CalebWarner. The fine text doesn't help, especially for a new feature.
Bob2245 on April 22, 2021
I've seen separate ideas and community posts to customize phone number formats, date formats, quote amount formats etc., but what I haven't seen is something that I think is the single solution for all of that: Being able to create custom nume read more
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September 15, 2021
At least there should be a standard Format for "Switzerland". Thank you! Format: 16.09.2021 and 1'234.55 But there is another issue. more
HSymonds on March 22, 2021
It woudl be extremely helpful if you could have dependent properties. So if a certian field in a proeprty is selected there is the option of another relaetd property showing or appearing below. This would mean that my team is only filling in relevan read more
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Contributeur de premier rang
August 12, 2021
I use workflows to assign tasks reminding the user to complete the dependent fields but having the property appear based on answer would be better more
TemiO on June 25, 2021
There is a last contacted property. It would be great to add a property for "last contacted by" which lists the HubSpot user who contacted. This would enable cool things like assigning via workflow to the person listed as "Last Contacted By"
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August 31, 2021
I was about to submit basically the same idea. Including this feature would drastically reduce the amount of manual digging, as LizO mentioned more
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