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Kevin Dow


taasted on Julho 02, 2020
Currently, you can't create a workflow that contains cross-object properties (i.e., Deal, Contact, Company) like you can with Reports. As an example, some organizations transition accounts from Sales to Account Managers post-sale. Therefore, the sal Leia mais
45 avaliações positivas
11 Respostas
Dezembro 19, 2022
I just ran up against this this morning. Would love to have cross-object workflows for things as simple as dropping a congratulations in Slack for a ...Leia mais
bbither on Abril 16, 2020
Cross-object reporting is a very powerful functionality within Hubspot. I have however been running across a limitation frequently. It's best described in an example. In this example, we'll look at Contacts and Companies where we view all contac Leia mais
26 avaliações positivas
15 Respostas
Setembro 23, 2022
Same issue here. There doesn't seem to be a way to change the behavior between Left Join and Right Join, to put it in SQL terms. I understand there a...Leia mais
Shaunyim on Janeiro 27, 2022
Currently from the Historic Deal Snapshot Reports, the closed won / lost stages are currently omitted without the possibility of us adding it in. We would want to include those stages into the report.
27 avaliações positivas
7 Respostas
Setembro 01, 2022
We need this as well. I realize it's not part of a traditional pipeline, but not having the ability to add this as a hybrid option to a traditional r...Leia mais
warpandweft on Janeiro 29, 2020
I have designed our Sales pipeline with a few 'deal stages' to operate in a way that once a sale is closed & deposit was received, they must move the deal to the "Deposit" stage and then the deal will automatically transfer into our Production p Leia mais
88 avaliações positivas
46 Respostas
Agosto 02, 2022
Adding my vote to this. I just created an elaborate list of mandatory qualifying questions that my BD's found an elegant way to bypass on Day 1 after...Leia mais
DinDjarin on Fevereiro 24, 2021
The monthly goals feature on the goals charts is helpful. It's a fixed number specificied in when building a report chart. I've taken an average number for the year and working from a cumulative view so it is a straight line. However I noticed becau Leia mais
3 avaliações positivas
1 Respostas
Março 08, 2022
Similar issue - I'm not necessarily needing an average or an average split per salesperson - I'm needing an actual monthly goal per salesperson - jus...Leia mais
PerH on Abril 30, 2021
Please allow for an easy master setting to exclude your own company from analytics, meetings log, etc. Internal meetings show up in meetings reports, and there isn't an obvious solution or easy way to prevent this if colleagues also are contacts in Leia mais
10 avaliações positivas
1 Respostas
Março 08, 2022
Agree 100%. This is sorely needed. I understand there is a partial solution on the marketing side to exclude IP addresses and domains from analytics...Leia mais
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