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Brandon Ausbrooks


chris_p_lukes on Fevereiro 26, 2021
Many of my clients already define many of their HubSpot Campaigns around specific events, so it would be helpful to be able to directly associate a Marketing Event with a campaign so that Registrants and Attendees would show as Influenced Contacts, Leia mais
21 avaliações positivas
6 Respostas
Outubro 03, 2022
Agreed, right now there's no way to attribute an event to a marketing campaign. If the contact wasn't created by the campaign itself (either through ...Leia mais
elanashama on Novembro 01, 2020
When sending out marketing emails, most times we have a couple of recipient lists that we send to. Would be amazing if we could see email perfomance stats in HubSpot broken down by recipient list, similar to what you see when sending out a time-zon Leia mais
23 avaliações positivas
9 Respostas
Fevereiro 22, 2022
Yup, we should definitely be able to analyze email (and workflow!) performance by email list. Having to clone workflows is just asking for a messy in...Leia mais
Achagnon1 on Agosto 07, 2020
I'm in the process of setting up calculated properties to use the new "time between" feature in reporting, and realized that, in the 'time between' calculations for properties, I'd like to have access to the option 'today,' which would be a dynamic Leia mais
416 avaliações positivas
95 Respostas
Dezembro 14, 2021
This would be such a game-changing feature. Currently trying to calculate the time left on a trial/subscription for each user and this is impossibl...Leia mais
ckennedy on Maio 08, 2019
We have a lot of old workflows with old emails we no longer use. It would be great to be able to archive these workflows, same as we can archive the emails within them. It would clean up our workflows a lot and help us be more organized.
37 avaliações positivas
8 Respostas
Dezembro 10, 2021
Yup, completely agreed. Don't want to delete workflows due to record-keeping, but it creates a HUGE mess to just have them lying around. Even if you ...Leia mais
randibrammeier on Outubro 21, 2017
My boss wants me to create email signatures that would work for all users on our account. I am set up as a Super Admin, am I able to do so? How do I do this? Thanks!
17 avaliações positivas
15 Respostas
Novembro 02, 2021
Yep, I would love to see this addressed. Noticed a handful of our employees having old logos or using strange versions of the logo image, despite cre...Leia mais
Sambo on Junho 01, 2021
There is a new Behavioral Event functionality for Marketing Enterprise, and the old one is marked as a "legacy". The new one supports only Delay until event happens feature on workflows. Knowledgebase article explains how it works, but currentl Leia mais
125 avaliações positivas
48 Respostas
Outubro 20, 2021
Absolutely this should be implemented. I'm really not sure why this wasn't the initial reason behind the change. In the meantime, I am trying to us...Leia mais
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