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antonia_kraft on März 26, 2024
Hello, i am looking for a way to include a calendar invite in my confirmation email. Luckily we have found this post: an Beitrag ansehen
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März 26, 2024
Hey @antonia_kraft , thank you for tagging me on this and always great to hear from you 😊 Maybe I'm able to help out a little here, but I'...Beitrag ansehen
phuoctruong on Februar 23, 2024
I am developing a workflow using Dataops - customcode to add something from Hubspot ticket to Azure DevOps work item as a comment. Here is my script: from azure.devops.connection import Connection from msrest.authentication import BasicAuth Beitrag ansehen
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Februar 23, 2024
Hey @phuoctruong , thank you for reaching out to the community. The importing of other packages doesn't work, unfortunately, as you noticed....Beitrag ansehen
JMogard on Dezember 22, 2023
(I really struggled to find a good title for this post) When customizing the cards used for the middle column on records, you can only show columns with properties from that object, e.g. if I make a Deal card I can only pick from Deal properties to Beitrag ansehen
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Autorität | Elite Partner
Dezember 22, 2023
This would be incredibly useful to have!
ryanjoconnor on November 30, 2022
I've upgraded to Ops Hub and want to understand the best way to clean up / format domains when they're submitted via form. For context, we have several custom objects created via forms, and the domain seems to be the best feild to associate them Beitrag ansehen
4 Antworten
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November 06, 2023
@BérangèreL thank you for tagging me on this. Hey @ryanjoconnor & @JKenler-SG , happy to help you out here. This should be ef...Beitrag ansehen
Zayne on November 05, 2023
When I create a record using a workflow action, I want to be able to access the Record ID of that created record, so that I can use it in a custom code action and create an association between that record and another one. Is it possible to access th Beitrag ansehen
Autorität | Elite Partner
November 05, 2023
Hey @Zayne , thank you for reaching out to the community. You can't do that with the usual Create Record Action. But since you ment...Beitrag ansehen
annieg241 on Oktober 09, 2023
I want our timestamp properties to include both a date and a time. How can I do this?
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Oktober 09, 2023
Hey @annieg241 , This is a bit difficult as it is not possible to use the workflow action set property value since it only safes the date ...Beitrag ansehen
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