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Shubhams Nigam

Hi, I'm Shubham Nigam, a seasoned HubSpot expert with over 8.5 years of experience in helping users optimize their HubSpot implementation and setup. My expertise spans across HubSpot CRM, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub. I specialize in system integration, workflow optimization, and data-driven decision-making. Whether you need assistance with CRM configuration, marketing automation, or project management, I am here to help. Feel free to reach out to me for quick support on WhatsApp at +91-7080239646. Let's make HubSpot work for you!


SNigam on Juni 13, 2024
Hey HubSpot Community, While exploring HubSpot sandbox sync settings, I recently encountered an issue and wanted to share my experience and solution. This can help others who might face similar challenges. ## The Issue While Beitrag ansehen
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mattbaranello on Mai 28, 2024
Is anyone else annoyed by the fact that activities don't seem to associate to a specific lead you are working? For example, I only want to see the context of what's happening in the contact record preview that has to do with the lead I am assigned. Beitrag ansehen
6 Antworten
Mai 29, 2024
Hello @BérangèreL , Thanks for mentioning me! So @mattbaranello I see two options here - You can use hubspot default filters...Beitrag ansehen
SNigam on Mai 23, 2024
I recently encountered an issue where I accidentally synced all object definitions and properties from our production portal to the sandbox environment. This resulted in a cluttered sandbox with many unwanted properties, creating a significant chall Beitrag ansehen
NLai on April 19, 2024
For example, I had 3 deals for 1 company, and I forgot to include the associated company for 2 out of 3 deals. Now I want to update those by exporting the list of deals, adding the associated company for those 2 deals, and reimporting it to Hubspot. Beitrag ansehen
April 19, 2024
Hi @NLai , So while importing you must have received options so first you will select - One file Multiple object Company, deal At ...Beitrag ansehen
DNeal32 on April 18, 2024
We can only create a ticket and have it automatically open into full screen view in CRM > Tickets. Is there a keyboard shortcut available to create a ticket from this screen? We have high volume users who want to be able to create a ticket, Beitrag ansehen
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April 19, 2024
Unfortunately those types of shortcuts are not there in hubpsot. But for creating too many tickets very fast you can use import feature so in ...Beitrag ansehen
SNigam on März 27, 2024
I would love to have a functionality through which i can filter based on association date. Example: If i want to filter contacts associted from one company but i have more than 10 contacts associated so i want a funcionality to filter first 1 Beitrag ansehen
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