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JBrake en Diciembre 21, 2021
It would be useful in the form editor to be able to add optional classes to properties you are adding to a form e.g. I have 2 radio groups on a form, but I want one to appear as a likert scale (horizontal). being able to add a class (say "like Leer más
Marzo 01, 2023
+1! I'm aware that HubSpot has integrations with platforms that do offer Likert scales out of the box, but the rest of the form functionality is so u...Leer más
amsteiner en Diciembre 15, 2022
Hi! I know Payments is still new-ish, but it would be great if we could customize statement descriptors in HubSpot Payments at the Product level, like Stripe can . I wouldn't want to change the business name, just what comes after; e.g. B Leer más
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AmGus en Febrero 22, 2022
Currently, I can only upload 4 images to my LinkedIn platform where LinkedIn allows up to 9 images natively. Slowly I am using the social posting interface less and less due to HubSpot limitations. If you say you have a Marketing Hub my thoughts wou Leer más
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Diciembre 15, 2022
Yes, please — I understand API limitations but if other third-party tools are able to post more than 4, I'd expect the same of HubSpot. The social to...Leer más
folked en Agosto 11, 2020
We often send out marketing emails using contact propery tokens (e.g. first name last name) or dynamic content. After the email has been sent, the contact timeline is updated accordingly: "[CONTACT[ was sent [EMAIL NAME]". When clicking on [EMAIL NA Leer más
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Noviembre 22, 2022
Yes please! We are a nonprofit and would use this functionality for auditing purposes. Specifically, I'd like to run a one-click export that woul...Leer más
IsaKcc en Septiembre 30, 2022
In addition to the "Log in as ..." mode, it would be very helpful to have a "View as ..." mode available. Sometimes, I just want to make sure that e.g. a colleague acutally has the rights to view a certain contact before I share it with them. "Log Leer más
Noviembre 17, 2022
Yes please!! When onboarding freelancers for different projects, I want to give them as few permissions as possible, and I also want to be able to do...Leer más
amsteiner en Noviembre 04, 2022
Sorry, my subject title is a little confusing, but essentially: it would be ideal if we could more specifically define the metrics of success for a given landing or website page when running A/B/multivariate tests. For post-click landing pages d Leer más
Noviembre 04, 2022
And if any of this is possible now, happy to be pointed in the right direction! I double-checked knowledge base first, but anything's possible.
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