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Clare Knight

Sales Director, runner, mum to two boys. Lifelong learner.


lucasschiltz le Août 08, 2019
When a sequence ends, I would like to group together & export the contacts by their "status" so I can have data around who responded and who didn't. There needs to be a filter in "Contacts" that includes the status of a sequence (Enrolled, no re Lire la suite
Mai 24, 2023
We are desperate for this, it would be a game changer for us. The work involved in teasing out those folk who have opened but not responded, is ridic...Lire la suite
MPowellCDN le Mars 17, 2023
I signed up and was approved to use ChatSpot with a company email address which is not hosted by Google. I don't want to sign in with my personal Google email and connect my company HubSpot account. Has anyone else encountered this issue?
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Mars 22, 2023
Yes, I’ve had the same issue. Logged as an issue but no response yet.
ZHerman le Avril 13, 2022
Good Morning! I am loving the sequence functionality and am looking to take it a step further. I am trying to create a list of contacts based on their activity taken in the sequence. My sequence consists of 3 emails, and if the contacts have cli Lire la suite
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Mars 22, 2023
Just came on to the community to ask this exact question. Thank you for the clear reply and explanation. Hopefully more functionality to action outp...Lire la suite
allanjirav le Juin 02, 2022
I would like to be able to customize the forecast module in Hubspot to forecast off of different fields on the deal property. Right now my understanding is that I can only use the deal amount or the weighted deal amount. This becomes an issue when I Lire la suite
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Mars 15, 2023
Completely agree. All our targeting is based off of ARR. The forecast functionality is useless, as it only allows total deal amount- which could equa...Lire la suite
Jwl4692 le Août 13, 2019
Add the ability to add a the start date and end date on every quote that can be generated from a deal. It would be great to see both start and end date as a default on every quote.
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Janvier 26, 2023
Sure. Firstly, we used the 'Comments' section with the text 'Renewal Term', and then inserted Personalisation Tokens from the Deal record which is a...Lire la suite
egp19 le Mai 29, 2020
Now that we can create custom properties for Products, can we enable calculated properties for Products? Without this basic feature, our products have quantitative properties that we have to manually calculate before adding to HubSpot. This creates Lire la suite
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Juin 14, 2022
All of these ideas would be great. We need to be able to calculate and report on Gross and Net prices for line items. Currently we're still using sp...Lire la suite
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