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Jennifer Ryan

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TCremeens le Juin 01, 2023
A report that tells you the best day and time of day to send emails would be incredibly helpful. It would aggregate data from all past email sends in your account to gather the result. The "Industry Standard" recommendations are fine, but I'd like t Lire la suite
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Juin 02, 2023
Great idea! I feel like having info specific to our own customer base is more useful than generic industry benchmarks.
Champion le Juillet 11, 2021
If you want your company to grow better, you need to have a deep understanding of your ideal customer. What does your business's primary buyer persona look like? In the comments below, share the following: Name (of persona) Demographics Lire la suite
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Mars 05, 2022
Outcomes Oscar 30-65; graduate degrees in Med and Biz; heavy on Med experience; very work focused Tasked with demonstrating improved patient outco...Lire la suite
Champion le Juillet 11, 2021
Objectives and key results (also known as OKRs) is a goal-setting system that helps to ensure that the company focuses efforts on the same important issues throughout the organization. What is the main OKR you're focusing on right now? *To Lire la suite
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Mars 05, 2022
The objective I am focusing on now is expansion of brand/product awareness in global markets; specific KRs include completing rollout of Korean langu...Lire la suite
Champion le Juillet 11, 2021
Inbound is all about making your company easy to find for the people who need your help. But before you can do that, you need to understand the job your company was founded to do. So why was your company founded? What mission was it created to fulf Lire la suite
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Mars 04, 2022
My company's purpose is to develop products that improve emergency care, improve patient outcomes, and ultimately save more lives.
JRyan2 le Janvier 27, 2022
Since with HubSpot Video there is a limit of 250 videos that can have "advanced features" enabled, I would like for there to be a way to see which of our videos already have it turned on. This could be either a view in File Manager, or a way to exp Lire la suite
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