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Kendra Ring


JVerzuu on Novembro 26, 2021
Hi all, In my deal stages I want to know how many deals we lose between each stage. 100 Leads turn into 60 offers (60% win) turn into 30 deals (50% win). Right now I don't have a clear overview where we lose our leads in our sales funnel. An Leia mais
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Fevereiro 21, 2022
It's a bit of a pain, but if you skip around a don't use deal stages consistently in order, you can create a funnel report for each stage. Instead o...Leia mais
mikevhdl on Fevereiro 17, 2022
Hi HubSpot Community, I'm looking for a best practice recommendation on maintaining an account plan (or deal win plan) and trying to populate it with HubSpot data to avoid having to have duplicate manual entry. Enter data once using HubSpot bei Leia mais
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Fevereiro 21, 2022
Hey Mike, do you have some sort of visual to show what you'd like the end result to be? I was thinking a template-like tool, but you mentioned that's...Leia mais
ndwilliams3 on Fevereiro 02, 2017
Like, contacts, deals and companies, it would be great if you could add custom user profile properties. There are times when you might want to include an owner token within an email, like a phone number, title or some other property that's outside t Leia mais
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Dezembro 02, 2021
This would be great for if your reps have different commission rates. You could store it on the user and use it to calculate commission based on the ...Leia mais
impulsekring on Novembro 16, 2021
Currently in attribution reports, you can select multiple dimensions to report on, including "Asset Type" and "Asset Title". This sounds great, however, you are not able to select "Asset Type" and then "Asset Title" to get a breakdown of titles grou Leia mais
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rtooes on Novembro 10, 2021
Hi everyone! We have two WooCommerce websites, both with the wordpress plugin installed to pull in data into Hubspot. The integrations are working well and we can see contacts coming from purchases on both sites are separated by the "source stor Leia mais
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Novembro 10, 2021
Idea 1: Does the integration push through the items in their abandoned cart? If so, are the items are different based on the website, could you fil...Leia mais
LHinrichsen on Novembro 04, 2021
I have been working to create a custom dashboard for a campaign that just launched. I have been trying to create a custom report that replicates the attached data set from the lading page analytics tool. For the life of me I cannot recreate it. Tec Leia mais
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Novembro 05, 2021
This is a tricky one. There is a report in the Reports Library with some of this information. It's called " Session bounce rate, average duration, an...Leia mais
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