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Jelani Abdus-Salaam

Founder @ Cartfuel. Helping HubSpot users accept payments with embeddable and customizable payment forms. Creator of - Helping You Grow With HubSpot. I Love helping people find solutions to their problems. Beach addict. Dog lover.


dai-tokyo on Julho 15, 2021
Hi! What is your top 3 powerful ways of using Hubspot fro the early stage B2B SaaS? We are getting $1000-3000 MRR potential leads recently - it is time to take off!
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Julho 17, 2021
Hi @dai-tokyo ! If you're early stage and getting 1-3k MRR clients I would say the most important thing you can do now is keep your pipeline full a...Leia mais
marketerclaire on Julho 15, 2021
We're testing a CTA above the table of contents on a cornerstone page. Just wondering if anyone has seen a positive impact from higher placed CTA's? This is a B2B audience, coming to our site looking for data strategy , which is a new-ish concept s Leia mais
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Julho 17, 2021
Hi @marketerclaire ! I tend to have a minimum of 3 CTAs on any landing page I build. One above the fold (This is important since most people d...Leia mais
alewolf on Julho 15, 2021
Hi We are using to capture leads. For several reasons we can't use HubSpot forms on those landing pages and we can't use the HubSpot integration. The only way right now is to send the captured leads through Zapier to HubSpot. Leia mais
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Julho 17, 2021
Hey @alewolf ! I am not too familiar with Unbounce, but I know if you were using ClickFunnels you can use the webhook feature to do what you're tr...Leia mais
bassic on Julho 16, 2021
Hi there, We have recently run the emails on our CRM which are according to Hubspot hard bounces through Debounce. Almost half of the hard bounced emails according to Hubspot were flagged as deliverable by Debounce (in our case 5k contacts). H Leia mais
Julho 17, 2021
Like @karstenkoehler mentioned, was the emails you sent the first emails in a long time? How many emails did you send? Was it a new email that wa...Leia mais
detectivejohnny on Setembro 11, 2020
Hi guys, I've been wondering, is there anyway to create a landing page which allows visitors to make a payment directly via bank account transfer? I want to receive payments directly to my bank account instead of Paypal. Is there anyway to do this w Leia mais
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Julho 17, 2021
Hey @JTaylor9 and @detectivejohnny You can check out Cartfuel (We're not in the marketplace yet, we're pending approval). It connects with Stri...Leia mais
jbogaert on Junho 22, 2021
Forgetting about HubSpot for a second. There are a ton of amazing apps out there that help us with our operations or fill a very specific niche need. What kind of app do you heavily rely on, and why? The app landscape is ever-changing, so let' Leia mais
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Julho 17, 2021
Loom is probably the app I use everyday in and out of business. Being able to record quickly and share that recording is priceless. I always say show...Leia mais
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