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Christopher Hutchens

Christopher Hutchens is a Senior Marketing Specialist at SmartBug Media based in Salt Lake City. Originally from Chicago, Chris graduated from Mizzou and worked in Columbia, Missouri as an interactive project manager for five years before coming to SmartBug. Outside of work, Chris loves to travel, snowboard, and play/watch basketball.


dwightbailey on März 28, 2022
I need help with how to create a report of contacts that have visited our website, showing how many times they have visited within a filtered date range. Is this possible to do? If so, how? Thanks.
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Teilnehmer/-in | Elite Partner
März 29, 2022
Yes, this is possible. You will want to create an ACTIVE list where the criteria is set up as Page View (see screen shot). You will want to choose Pa...Beitrag ansehen
MyriJen on März 24, 2022
Hi, So I want to launch a re-engagement campaign for our subscribers who haven't opened any marketing emails we've sent them over the last 6 months. In the email I crafted I want to add a button that if they click on it, it will keep them on o Beitrag ansehen
5 Antworten
Teilnehmer/-in | Elite Partner
März 24, 2022
My advise would be to set up a One-Click-Subscribe button. To do this, create a simple CTA ...something like "Yes, keep me updated!" and a simple lan...Beitrag ansehen
shannonk922 on Februar 24, 2022
Hi, I was looking for more insights and automation ideas for our current email marketing. We like to track the top engaged contacts and previously I was told you cannot add those to a list but wasn't sure if anyone knew of any workaround? We do Beitrag ansehen
Teilnehmer/-in | Elite Partner
März 15, 2022
You should be able to easily create a list of folks based on how many emails they've opened. From there, you can include this list on future sends. Y...Beitrag ansehen
chrlee on März 09, 2022
Implementing behavioral marketing can be a challenge. Obviously, each person's industry and specific context may vary, but we're big believers at HubSpot that we can help each other grow better! So what advice would you give to your fellow inbound Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
Teilnehmer/-in | Elite Partner
März 15, 2022
I like creating workflows that target specific behavior on a site. For example, you could set up a lead nurturing email workflow to target people who...Beitrag ansehen
JSpecht on März 14, 2022
Our abandonded cart email is includes picture, product name, sku, quantity and price. Its often way too much to put in an email. Also, the price says, "USD" which is not necessary. Where and how do we edit which information is displayed in the aband Beitrag ansehen
Teilnehmer/-in | Elite Partner
März 15, 2022
Did you use a workflow to set up this email? If so, you'd want to find the workflow in HubSpot and from there you'll be able to edit the email. It so...Beitrag ansehen
RHughes0 on März 01, 2022
It would be AWESOME if a form could have items that people fill out that aren't necessarily "contact properties" so that we could gather information for something like an event registration, where certain details don't need to be tied to their profi Beitrag ansehen
7 Antworten
Teilnehmer/-in | Elite Partner
März 01, 2022
A workaround for this could be creating custom properties for your event or one-time use case, and then delete those properties once you have what yo...Beitrag ansehen
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