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Thais Campbell

Hi, I'm Thais Campbell. ✨ I've been a Senior Technical Support specialist at HubSpot since 2021. I'm passionate about creating content on LinkedIn, focusing on HubSpot features, best practices, and building a strong community. To me, community is all about connection, and the HubSpot ecosystem embodies that spirit! 🧡 🪴 As a plant lover, I take care of over 40 houseplants. I speak Portuguese and English, and I'm currently learning Spanish. If you have any questions about my experience or content, feel free to connect with me. Let's chat over a coffee on a Zoom meeting!


pinchvalve on February 13, 2024
The floating sidebar may be useful to some, but for those who do not use it, it is a chore to constantly move it out of our way. These kinds of things should be optional, we should have the option of turning them off if they bother us.
3 Replies
HubSpot Employee
July 03, 2024
JBatistaLima on June 28, 2024
Modelos de mensagem com call to action e botões são muito importantes para nós, facilita a resposta do cliente e nos ajuda até a ter uma triagem, uma vez que não temos a possibilidade de bot. Seria ótimo contar com essa ajuda de vocês, obrigada!
HubSpot Employee
June 28, 2024
That's a good idea! 😀
TFragiacomo on December 05, 2022
Currently, there's no way to move workflows, propertities, or other items FROM a sandbox enviornment to our Production account. There needs to be an easier way to do this instead of recreating.
49 Replies
HubSpot Employee
June 25, 2024
KHorton on May 20, 2022
Please develop the functionality to create multiple Subscription Preference Pages that are specific to each business unit in the account not just the default!
23 Replies
HubSpot Employee
May 21, 2024
That's a great idea! +1
ngambuti on February 24, 2020
To be able to unmerge contacts. It is often an issue if two different contacts use the same browser, where their activity feed would be combined. To be able to check off which entries you are moving to a new contact, then create that new cont read more
47 Replies
HubSpot Employee
May 21, 2024
JoaoDemarchi on April 19, 2024
We'd like to restrict record merging separetely with a specific merging permission . Currently the merging functionality is enabled within the editing privileges, but sometimes we want to restrict merging even though the user can edit a record. T read more
HubSpot Employee
April 19, 2024
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