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Antoine Charpin


CJenkins2 on Dezembro 29, 2021
It would be geat to have a native feature that will calculate the age for contacts rather than the workaround via workflow by creating a custom property "today's date".
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Julho 27, 2023
So usefull in so many case !
cpappas_auxin on Janeiro 03, 2018
I am importing a CSV file with contacts that have multiple email addresses. Hubspot supports multiple email addresses in the "Email" field, which is wonderful, but the data cannot be imported this way. To import, I had to create multiple email pro Leia mais
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Junho 09, 2023
So important.... and still impossible... How can we explain this to customer who have more than 100K contact with multiple emails per contacts....
TheoB on Setembro 16, 2019
Hi there, it would be great to have better controls for user availability for chat. 1 - let us set different office hours for different chat flows We have offices in multiple time zones - California and London - these use different chat flow Leia mais
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Abril 14, 2022
Urgent Need!! So complicated when you users are coming from all over the world and your staff is not always available and manage this manually is imp...Leia mais
Daniel_Bleich on Dezembro 29, 2020
At the moment the only way to have CTA click data in a dashboard is by using custom events. However this is not helpful since it does not give historic data and also it does not give you summary rows for the data.
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Março 17, 2022
Very useful information to analyse the evolution of CTAs and our performance. It would be really great to have this in a report and to have the possi...Leia mais
usmiclow on Outubro 20, 2017
When a phone number field has data put into it, it is up to the User to format it the way they deem appropriate. That is not the most user-friendly or data-centric approach. This is a good way to allow users to enter incorrect or sloppy data and cau Leia mais
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Fevereiro 28, 2022
How can we manage that for the moment? We have users from all over Europe....
laurenleulu on Agosto 01, 2018
Wouldn't it be great for marketers to be able to schedule threaded Tweets from HubSpot? Often, I'm given insightful posts from our SMEs that are too long for Twitter's character limit, but they have so much great information, I don't want to take an Leia mais
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Fevereiro 01, 2022
From 2018 to 2022, it still a great idea to have it!!
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