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Luis David Ulcue Campo

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JonPayne on June 29, 2021
It’s a tough question - often there are many in the business who don’t want to publish pricing and sometimes there are good reasons not to, how do you choose if you should share your pricing online? And if you do, how do you display it on your webs read more
August 12, 2021
I think the 3rd image is mostly focused on smaller companies for which they can create specific stickers with specific prices, while the other 2 more
JonPayne on June 29, 2021
We’ve learned that a hero statement is as much about who you DON’T want to business with as who you do. Few brands are brave enough to put their hero statement front and centre. Who does it boldy? *To learn more about this, check out the read more
18 Replies
August 09, 2021
It definitely takes tame and effort to know how to tell people what you are able to do and what you're not able to do. Well structured phrases more
JonPayne on June 29, 2021
There’s many benefits to finding your personas on social media - from understanding what’s topical to learning how they describe their problems and even reaching out to start the relationship. Join the discussion to share ideas on how to find and m read more
29 Replies
July 27, 2021
As SDRs we are to search for those leads who can become prospects as our marketing and even sales members reach out to them. We have quick traits we more
JonPayne on June 29, 2021
Online or offline, it’s hard to get everyone to arrive on time for internal meetings. The best leaders know this is essential to make the most of your time together. What’s the best incentive to get people in the room on time, every time? read more
40 Replies
July 21, 2021
We all are kind of emotional about something and we reason out sometimes, so explaining to them that you have other meetings to attend and tasks to more
JonPayne on June 29, 2021
Not all of us have access to a complete data set to be able to calculate our conversion rates to set an SLA between marketing and sales. Join the discussion to get advice on how to create your SLA based on industry estimates. *To learn mor read more
July 15, 2021
Alright! Here we go. These are my questions: If all of these are your rates what made the difference these 1st 6 months that increased your MQLs? more
JonPayne on June 29, 2021
We’ve all been there, you’re in the process of buying something - typically in real life - and you suddenly realise you’re in a lead qualification process. What are some of the best (and worst) experiences you’ve had as a lead being qualified? No s read more
54 Replies
July 09, 2021
I recently was trying to buy some items for my mother's birthday so we went downtown looking for them. As a friend and I were leaving the store a more
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