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John Kalfayan

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BrianNZ le Février 22, 2021
I'd be keen on any thoughts on the below worflow.... 1) we create a deal and move them through our pipe. 2) at a certain point, we send them an online application form. 3) when this is completed, it creates a ticket for our provisioning team Lire la suite
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Novembre 10, 2021
You realize your proposed workaround is to copy information from one object into another which unnecessarily creates loads of duplicated fields and d...Lire la suite
maximelexstart le Septembre 21, 2018
Hey there! For us to be able to create forms that use Deal Properties would be amazing. Is that something easily feasible? Thank you.
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Novembre 10, 2021
Just enable the association of properties across objects in hubspot. I have lots of use cases where I need to use form info for contacts or companies...Lire la suite
JKalfayan le Août 16, 2021
I've got a lead re-engagement workflow and all it says is if a contact is a lead and if last contact is greater than 30 days, create a new task to re-engage/follow up. I'd like to add one more condition to this which would be a way t Lire la suite
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Mystore le Juin 17, 2021
Hi, i joined this beta to bea able to create custom templates, how do we get access to the beta program?
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Juillet 13, 2021
Can someone please sign me up as well? We are considering abandoning hubspot because we can't use the base quoting system and I can't let that happen...Lire la suite
jmadore le Mars 11, 2020
With the way the quote tool currently works, we have a total price column that will show the cost per the recurring interval of time. For example, if the product is a recurring monthly payment, it will show "$ price / month," rather than the total p Lire la suite
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Juin 15, 2021
How is this not a feature? I want to provide something at a monthly rate for a specific term (number of months). The term is already a field in hubsp...Lire la suite
JKalfayan le Juin 08, 2021
Allow meetings to be viewed in tasks or add a new tab at the top of tasks called "meetings" that allows you to view a list of your meetings and quickly update their outcome/status and add notes. Having to go back into the record to do this is a horr Lire la suite
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