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Christophe Prudent


jeremypyles on Outubro 17, 2017
Any Hubspot CRM (Sales) user can see all dashboards! YIKES. It is scary to me that any CRM user can view anyone else's dashboard in Hubspot Sales. This has huge privacy issues with lower-level users being able to see my Dashboard and all sales Leia mais
81 avaliações positivas
49 Respostas
Maio 29, 2018
This is absolutely a must, I can't believe this wasn't set like that by the Hubspot team!
Arun_Opto22 on Novembro 29, 2017
I think there should be the ability to limit the permission to edit the Sales Dashboard. I've made the dashboard look like I want it to for my sales team...but individual salespeople have the ability to go in and modify it...but it is a "global" vi Leia mais
26 avaliações positivas
11 Respostas
Maio 29, 2018
Definitely needed that each team member can set his own view!
Barry on Março 08, 2017
Is it possible to create reocurring tasks, such Ticklers? I like to set-up ticklers to contact certain customers on a regular basis. Is this possible in Hubspot? Barry
705 avaliações positivas
236 Respostas
Novembro 27, 2017
This is a must have for a CRM, many things depends on recurring tasks, recurring reminders etc. Though I believe we can setup an automated workflow ...Leia mais
SAPikachu on Novembro 13, 2017
Our integration creates HubDB tables and it had been working fine until recently, it starts to get errors like: {"status":"error","message":"This oauth-token (... removed ...) does not have proper permissions! (requires all of [hubdb-admin])","co Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
33 Respostas
Novembro 15, 2017
@Derek_Gervais I am one of the Inboundlabs customer and this is really critical for us now to get answers on this problem. We have business goals w...Leia mais
CyberOompa on Outubro 20, 2017
So I love the new "Snippets" feature which allows you to create short, reusable text blocks that can be used in email templates and on contact, company and deal records. I also do quite a bit of emailing directly from Gmail and love using HubSpot " Leia mais
9 avaliações positivas
7 Respostas
Novembro 10, 2017
I also vote for it!
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