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claudia arias

I am from Colombia, and I like to still learning about marketing, because is a awesome profession


kara_susvilla on Janeiro 06, 2022
The buyer’s journey is the active research process someone goes through leading up to a purchase. It’ll help you understand your audience’s challenges and goals, and provide guidance for brainstorming new content. Get started creating impactful co Leia mais
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Julho 19, 2022
Well, I think that the best way to engage with your clients is to create content that helps them to resolve their doubts and educate them about usin...Leia mais
kara_susvilla on Junho 09, 2021
Personalization is a tool you can use in your contextual marketing strategy to focus on an individual. You’ll be able to provide even more value to your users by communicating directly to them using their personal details. Keeping this in mind, how Leia mais
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Junho 03, 2022
The best way to connect with your clients is although personalization because you feel them closer, help to get more clients, a good example of this ...Leia mais
kara_susvilla on Junho 09, 2021
A website with a good user experience helps its visitors accomplish their goals. Your website should be tailored to your visitors in order to attract them to your site and guide them to becoming customers. In your opinion, what's an example of a we Leia mais
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Junho 03, 2022
Well, in my case my best positive user experience was with the company named profamilia, is a medical center for women, they provide information on t...Leia mais
JenWeiss on Maio 10, 2022
Whether you are obtaining your Undergrad, Graduate, Doctorate, or continuing your education with General Assembly, or a student of life one of the best ways how to utilize your certification is by sharing ideas with other students, just like you. Leia mais
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Maio 27, 2022
Hello, my name is Claudia arias, I'm a marketing student I like this profession because I know I can to help people and companies improve their lifes...Leia mais
CoreyChristian on Junho 29, 2021
A video can be an excellent tool for communication and promotion depending on how effective and engaging its content is. With this in mind, we’d love to hear your thoughts on what makes a video engaging. Please reply to this post and answer the bel Leia mais
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Maio 13, 2022
Hello, timeline for a new webinar depends on clearly about the topic that you want to talk
KyleJepson on Julho 11, 2021
Most sales jobs have very little onboarding. The new rep might get a little bit of instruction and get to do a "ride-along" with an experienced team member, but then they're usually put on the frontlines and left to fend for themselves. Have a stor Leia mais
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Maio 05, 2022
Well, the best onboarding experience that I have, when I started to use an educational software for learning math, was awesome
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