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Bryony Bell


christa on Dezembro 17, 2021
The Problem: When merging contacts, currently the 'most recent value' is retained in the post-merge record. This is not always the value that is desired to be retained. The Solution: Ability to pre-select a setup of properties that should al Leia mais
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Junho 09, 2023
Definitely agree with this - and for Companies as well as Contacts. It's also not obvious that only the most recent record is saved - we've just di...Leia mais
callie on Julho 22, 2022
We have our main round-robin meeting links that are used for various teams. These meeting links are a part of sequences, marketing emails, and workflows (as both triggers and goals). It would be amazing if, similar to the properties "used in" view, Leia mais
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Fevereiro 21, 2023
This would be amazing. We have a key team member going on maternity leave and need to transfer her meetings temporarily. It would be great to see whe...Leia mais
BryonyBell on Agosto 02, 2022
The scanning function for SEO errors is useful, but as we're working with an external agency to improve some of the issues, it would be great to be able to see historic scan info or run reports showing progress over time. At the moment, each time we Leia mais
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JBeadling on Abril 09, 2021
It's great that we can see the errors in a workflow, but it would be even better if we could clear them from the New Workflow Error Tab. For example, I have an error messages based on a contact unsubscribing, so obviously, the email could not be Leia mais
112 avaliações positivas
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Julho 05, 2022
Agree, this would be great - there's no easy way to tell team members that errors are resolved
jdougherty on Janeiro 16, 2020
For anyone trying to update older blog content, it'd be helpful to have alerts notifying you of potential 404 errors as a result of updating your page's SEO and URL. This is offered as a free plug-in on other domains and can: You can redirect err Leia mais
12 avaliações positivas
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Março 25, 2022
Hi @a_schumacher , is there any progress on the checks for external broken links? We've just moved our site to HubSpot and are surprised that this f...Leia mais
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