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Philip Blomqvist

I have grown up with HubSpot and Marketing business: My skills extend from analytics, SEO, SEM to Marketing Hub, CRM, CMS and systems integrations. My extensive client experience include manufacturing, engineering, tech Sales and Industrial Services


AKettula on January 03, 2024
HubSpot automations would strongly benefit from having a date property filtering value option that tracks the actual calendar date. We often want to build automations that e.g. exclude deals or custom objects from triggering if their "close da read more
3 Replies
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January 04, 2024
There are ways one can get today's date for a record (Contact/Company/Deal/Ticket/Custom object) in HubSpot. With operations Hub, super easy. more
YiRui_Chua on December 28, 2021
Hi team, Currently, when we reply to a customer within the Conversation inbox, all past emails within the same thread would automatically be shown as well. There might be times where we would like to keep certain parts of the email thread hidden w read more
4 Replies
Contributor | Diamond Partner
October 31, 2023
Definetely needed! It is currently very unclear when replying from the inbox what is the exact message that is sent to the customer. For more
louischausse on December 14, 2021
Currently, you can only sync from the production to the sandbox. If could also sync in the other direction that would be awesome and will allow development teams to mimic their actual deployment flow. In development, it is uncommon to create somethi read more
Contributor | Diamond Partner
October 17, 2023
Adding my vote to this! This is definetely needed. We do a lot of integration and custom code testing in the test environment and moving it to more
AKettula on October 03, 2023
HubSpot admins need to be able to prevent users from accessing the "edit columns" (see below) button while working in the Line Items editor / in the Quote tool. Currently, users see the button "edit columns" and they are free to take advanta read more
Contributor | Diamond Partner
October 03, 2023
+1 This is definetely needed in order to have a reliable CPQ tool for Enterprise customers. Each country / Team might have different needs for line more
ndwilliams3 on February 02, 2017
Like, contacts, deals and companies, it would be great if you could add custom user profile properties. There are times when you might want to include an owner token within an email, like a phone number, title or some other property that's outside t read more
32 Replies
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September 19, 2023
Any update on this? This is needed for Enterprise accounts, especially with complex integrations where you need to map users based on Id's (Not more
HLanger on December 16, 2021
I would like the option to create a list of workflow errors. When you go to 'workflows with errors' and click on a workflow that encountered some errors, you can see a list of actions that errored for each contact. I am missing an option here (o read more
22 Replies
Contributor | Diamond Partner
July 31, 2023
Very Much needed! Specially when having the Operations Hub feature. Fixing an error and then retrying for all contacts that have the error would be more
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