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Mariana Zanchetta

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TheoB on September 16, 2019
Hi there, it would be great to have better controls for user availability for chat. 1 - let us set different office hours for different chat flows We have offices in multiple time zones - California and London - these use different chat flow Beitrag ansehen
19 Antworten
August 01, 2023
Can't believe this idea has been submitted almost 4 years ago and still no response from Hubspot! it's a much needed feature, managing availability m...Beitrag ansehen
NicoleSengers on November 01, 2022
We are looking at ways to add Knowledge base reports to dashboards, we currently embed the page as a link but would like to add these to dashboards as separate reports. Or create custom reports for knowledge base articles. This will help clients ado Beitrag ansehen
Juli 28, 2023
If we could at least use the existing reports from the Insights tab inside the Knowledge Base section and add them to a dashboard, that would be a gr...Beitrag ansehen
ChristinaKay on August 17, 2022
I know how great bulk publishing of website/blog pages is so now can we please get bulk publishing for knowledge base? It will save SO much time for people who migrate and don't want to publish right away.
4 Antworten
März 10, 2023
Yes we need this. Over 100 articles to publish and I have to go through them one by one to publish, it makes no sense! We should be able to have the ...Beitrag ansehen
JMaylandOlsen on April 20, 2022
Currently the Hubspot goas module does not support: 1. Using team goals in reporting & forecasting 2. Creating and using sub-goals. However, it's quite common to: A. Want to report on overall revenue goal achievement in a fiscal year B. B Beitrag ansehen
35 Antworten
September 23, 2022
Definitely! Just created a report and thought the Team goal would show up there. Now I'll have to create a new set of goals, based on users, so I can...Beitrag ansehen
lhardy on Oktober 14, 2020
Now that we have the ability to do pop up CTAs within the pop up form module, I would really love to see the ability to track those clicks. Currently it is my understanding that the only tracking that happens on these are form submissions when you u Beitrag ansehen
19 Antworten
August 08, 2022
Agree. Really needed. We get incomplete data as is Hubspot provides the option to create them with links instead of a regular form, being a...Beitrag ansehen
catan on Januar 30, 2020
Currently, according to this KB article , there are certain set rules for activity associations: Generally, activities logged on a contact record will be automatically associated to the record's associated company and the associated five most Beitrag ansehen
Juli 18, 2022
It would be great to have the option to choose if I want a specific task or note added to a Deal to be automatically associated with the contacts and...Beitrag ansehen
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