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Maxime Rougier

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David_Loggins on Junho 18, 2020
I don't see an option to "Print" any of my emails. Some of my emails are orders that i would prefer to save as a PDF and attach to an order # in my sales system. I prefer this print option to be availabe in the email conversations AND in the tic Leia mais
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Maio 30, 2022
Hey there, We have at least 2 clients who would find this very useful. Thanks
sketchism on Junho 13, 2019
Given that there are limitations to Meeting Notifications, it would be ideal to allow a "Meeting Time" option available as a personalization token that can be used in multiple settings. This could even be included as part of the existing "Last Meeti Leia mais
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Março 28, 2022
Also need this for aa few clients ! Thanks team Hubspot 🙂
umbck on Janeiro 10, 2019
My team and I would like to be able to send email sequences to perspective clients from our shared email to keep everything in one place and have everything easily accessbile.
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Janeiro 23, 2022
glencornell any update on this please ? Increasingly problematic to not be able to set this up for our clients. Many thanks.
rsteggell on Janeiro 11, 2019
It is not possible to bulk delete products. I imported about 4,000 products, but it registered the dollar sign in front of the prices within the product price column as invalid and set them all as zero. I decided to add the same 4,000 products again Leia mais
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Julho 19, 2021
@jeanlouismonin it works thanks 🙂 Saved me lots of time ! Clearly not ideal though from a UI perspective !
Dylan on Janeiro 04, 2020
Breaking apart from this, 2 part idea: HubSpot should allow admins to define a different set of required properties based on the pipeline a deal Leia mais
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Maio 26, 2021
Hello Dylan Any update on this request by any chance ? Many thanks, Maxime
BenjaminSF on Abril 10, 2020
Currently, there is no way to customize what information is shown on the right hand side bar within the information cards. For example, if you're in a contact record, the company contacts will be listed to the right, however it only shows thei Leia mais
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Maio 21, 2021
Need the right sidebar customisation so bad. Showing useless info by default is...useless 😅 Requested several times by clients. Thanks
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