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Brian Skov

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Nicole_n le Février 11, 2022
Hi Community, We are architecting a custom object called "Event" to cover third party webinars, trade shows, live events etc. Would like this to be able to generate records associated to contacts that include the Event_title, start date, type o Lire la suite
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Février 02, 2023
@NNestel what are you experiences? Did you configure any workflows to aoutmate the creations of Event status objects? Any other learnings to shar...Lire la suite
dtavenues le Octobre 21, 2020
This has been asked in a variety of ways, but I wanted to start a new thread since marketing events and custom objects have been rolled out to see if there are any new thoughts. We are a school with multiple campuses and run many information eve Lire la suite
Décembre 06, 2022
We are about to upgrade to Enterprise, so I will definitely be checking that out. Thanks.
pauletterake le Avril 30, 2020
We are new to hubspot and we are setting up the system and we need to be able to setup tiered pricing on products based on the quantity ordered. This is FUNDAMENTAL to our sales process and what EVERY system I have worked in has allowed for. I hav Lire la suite
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Juin 02, 2022
We also need tiered pricing. It would make life much easier. +1 from WakeupData 👍
BrianSkov_WUD le Mai 12, 2022
It would be great with more fields to choose from in the in-app-video forms. It would be ideal with up to 5 properties to fill with contact properties.
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BrianSkov_WUD le Mai 12, 2022
This might actually be a bug report instead of a feature request. When you have added an in-video-form in the beginning of a video, and it pops up when the user starts the video, they can just close the popup form, and the video will begin regar Lire la suite
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BrianSkov_WUD le Mai 04, 2022
We have agencies (Parent companies) that have a number of clients using our platform (Child companies), and we would like to have the owner of the Parent company assigned to the Child companies. I'm missing an option/setting to automatically a Lire la suite
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