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Steve Holley

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Heggenes le Mars 08, 2021
I would love to get integration with Loom the same way Hubspot has with Vidyard. Vidyard is for many very expencive, this is where Loom comes in! Loom is only $8 per month and you get a tonn of features. Please vote on this...
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24 Réponses
Septembre 13, 2022
Please do this. I have been using Vidyard's free version and it is great but the jump to paid is not worth the price they are asking. Loom is much ...Lire la suite
steveholley le Octobre 24, 2018
wav files that are uploaded to a contact, deal, or ticket record will not play when accessed through Chrome browser. I am told this is due to the fact that Chrome does not have a wav file player. HubSpot needs to create their own as these files sa Lire la suite
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trisaratops le Mai 10, 2017
Hi there HS Community, We're excitedly trying out the Chat feature, and noticed that if a sales rep starts chatting with an unowned/new visitor that they don't then get auto-assigned (via the HS Owner field) to that rep. I naturally went to th Lire la suite
40 Mentions J'aime
8 Réponses
Août 14, 2018
When conversations reach the inbox, we have the ability to assign conversation owners and round-robin those with our service team. We can also creat...Lire la suite
zachallen le Juin 13, 2018
We are in the process of implementing the Service Hub. In testing out managing groups of tickets, we quickly found that there's no customer or contact visible on the ticket board window. There's no available customer or contact field availible to Lire la suite
14 Mentions J'aime
12 Réponses
Juillet 06, 2018
I called Support looking for a solution to this very problem today. Having to search by name instead of popping into the pipeline is a time killer. ...Lire la suite
Kim_GP le Juillet 24, 2017
When you create a deal, there is a default close date (end of current month). Every month, we have to postpone the close date of our deals to the next month. In our industry, the time to close is more around 80 to 90 days. The deal forecast w Lire la suite
332 Mentions J'aime
140 Réponses
Juin 07, 2018
The auto population is causing us an issue too. In my business (insurance) we usually do have a decent idea of expected close date (when the current...Lire la suite
grayson le Février 27, 2017
Hi HubSpot Development Team, I recommend revisiting the idea to customize log activity in HubSpot Sales. I would like my team to track "Direct Mail," and I've seen others asking about logging texts and in-app messaging. Thanks for cons Lire la suite
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Janvier 11, 2018
I would take it a step further and allow the Activity Types and Outcomes to be customizable.
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