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David Bolton

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MichaelC le Juin 02, 2021
Hello community 👋 and product team ✌️ Background Today it is possible to create and pin your own custom views within contacts, companies, deals, tickets and more (lets use the word objects from now on). A HubSpot user may edit col Lire la suite
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Juin 13, 2023
+1. This is a must so super admins can create and then pass over views tp other s to others manage in the team
AlOG le Octobre 15, 2020
Hi All, At the moment when creating a social media post on LinkedIn from HubSpot, you can't attach a PDF file similar as you do with Images etc.. so you have to upload the PDF file from the file section on HubSpot, copy the link redirecting to t Lire la suite
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Janvier 16, 2023
mattejames le Juin 21, 2019
We would love to unsubscribe contacts from all email via workflow. Our Sales process makes use of workflows to consolidate common actions through scenarios. For example, if a lead has decided that they are no longer interested and would like to Lire la suite
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Juin 01, 2022
Yes, good idea and need this.
Nickdhutchinson le Juillet 30, 2020
It would really benefit our team if we would be able to share our dashboards with customers. I have tried the email function but unfortunately, it cuts half of the dashboard out. A live dashboard would be even better 🙂 Nick
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Février 25, 2022
100% essential feature for us. An absolute must to be able to share externally or even ability to embed.
kthng le Octobre 26, 2020
Posting on behalf of a customer! The current custom object tool does not allow for us to filter/create a list of custom objects based on the company associated as well as based on the properties of a custom object. It will be great if we c Lire la suite
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Février 24, 2022
This is a must. Any timescale?
shayan22 le Février 10, 2022
Hi Hubspot Community -- apologies if this is a redundent ask but I can't find the answer I'm looking for. We have our HubSpot plug-in with our Outlook. Every time we send an email, it should be automatically tracking and associating with the Com Lire la suite
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Février 14, 2022
Hi, You can use the forwarding address to log an email reply to the contact record's timeline. la suite
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