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isabelgendron le Mai 02, 2017
Mailchimp has a feature that gives you stats of the top email clients your contacts are reading your emails in. This is very helpful for formatting and prioritizing optimization for different email clients; for example, Outlook is a nightmare for CS Lire la suite
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Décembre 13, 2023
Incredibly useful.
James22 le Septembre 21, 2020
Currently, there is the ability to create a workflow centered on an end date. However, there isn't the ability to set specific dates for multiple emails within a workflow. If I am creating a workflow that is due to nurture contacts for a number of Lire la suite
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Décembre 12, 2022
So I think a solution/workaround would be to add someone to a list. You can then plan your emails as normal in marketing > emails - scheduling the...Lire la suite
DougImpercar le Octobre 26, 2018
I had issues with my email connecting to hubspot and I had to reset it, but before I did I attempted to email a contact I had and it bounced. According to this post there should be an "Unbounce" button that will let me fix this isssue, however whe Lire la suite
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Novembre 04, 2022
Hey Doug - yes you need Marketing Pro or Enterprise for the unbounce button. Hope it's still not bothering you 4 years on!
Laura_Cm le Septembre 10, 2018
Hi there, we're actually using smart content on our thank you pages and CTAs and considered to build one of our next emails with smart content. Unfortunatly, it's not possible to measure the performance of several versions of the page or email s Lire la suite
247 Mentions J'aime
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Août 03, 2022
Very hard to analyse the performance of personalised content without this. Hope it makes it onto the roadmap asap.
song le Juillet 21, 2021
when importing a list of companies you need to use an identifier - either company name or company domain sometimes a company record has several domains, so you risk overwriting the other domains when you import using this ID, so it doesn't work Lire la suite
Juin 20, 2022
100% onboard with this.
KeeganSmith87 le Avril 23, 2020
We're struggling with the inability for reporting to display percentages versus JUST numbers. For instance, in this example: If you have the TOTAL number of the stacked bar and the sub numbers broken out already, to also have the abi Lire la suite
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Février 28, 2022
100% needed. Very frustrating to not be able to do this.
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