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cpappas_auxin le Janvier 03, 2018
I am importing a CSV file with contacts that have multiple email addresses. Hubspot supports multiple email addresses in the "Email" field, which is wonderful, but the data cannot be imported this way. To import, I had to create multiple email pro Lire la suite
315 Mentions J'aime
120 Réponses
Décembre 07, 2022
Need this desperately. 😣
Zbatty le Mars 05, 2020
Is should be possible to require a property to have a unique value. For example, if I want to create a property that shows a contacts ID from our internal database, I don't want our users to accidentally assign that ID to a different contact. I wou Lire la suite
34 Mentions J'aime
15 Réponses
Décembre 07, 2022
Need this really bad. Would love an update from HubSpot support. See the message " This feature isn't supported for Contacts yet" when hovering over...Lire la suite
hubspot_user2 le Avril 20, 2021
I would like the ability to create a list of deals and be able to choose the deal properties for an export. I can create lists of deals at this time but they are contact-centric rather than deal-centric. So, for instance, I can create a list of Clos Lire la suite
36 Mentions J'aime
13 Réponses
Juillet 13, 2022
I've run into this like a dozen times. Really need the ability to build lists for ANY object time, including custom objects.
kthng le Octobre 26, 2020
Posting on behalf of a customer! The current custom object tool does not allow for us to filter/create a list of custom objects based on the company associated as well as based on the properties of a custom object. It will be great if we c Lire la suite
223 Mentions J'aime
64 Réponses
Juillet 13, 2022
Any updates on this? Need it really bad... Custom objects are nearly useless if we're not able to filter / visualize them across associations.
artash le Décembre 10, 2020
Strangely Meeting Tool allows only to personalize the following 5 tokens. For one of our clients we would like to showcase the street address in the meeting invite. For other clients other properties can be relevant. What can be done to make Lire la suite
25 Mentions J'aime
11 Réponses
Janvier 20, 2022
Same boat here. In our case, we need to be able to see on the meeting invite which "Apartment Unit Number" (custom property) a prospect will be touri...Lire la suite
hayesnelson le Juin 27, 2017
I'd like to be able to use a hubspot workflow to enroll (and trigger) a contact into a sequence in the CRM. I'd like to execute a sequence we've built in our HubSpot CRM when a contact property changes. eg; when contact property is set to 'X' Lire la suite
773 Mentions J'aime
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Avril 07, 2021
Any updates on how this feature build-out is coming? Would be monumental for our team...
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