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Kara Susvilla

Former HubSpot Solutions Partner marketer, HUG leader, and HubSpot Academy Professor. Now Senior Co-Marketing Manager with HubSpot's Platform Marketing team. I'm focused on driving awareness and adoption for our top app partners through co-marketing and go-to-market efforts.


kara_susvilla on Abril 11, 2024
Looking to enhance conversations with your prospects and boost your sales effectiveness? The Gong app for HubSpot has you covered. Watch this brand new video that dives into a variety of features like: Connecting Gong to HubSpot Call Spotlig Leia mais
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kara_susvilla on Abril 11, 2024
Webflow’s annual marketing leader survey reveals that the majority of today’s organizations struggle to build, maintain, and grow their websites effectively. That's why on April 25th, they're bringing together three marketing leaders f Leia mais
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kara_susvilla on Dezembro 19, 2023
A company’s website is where prospects come to learn about your business: what you offer, how to buy it, and ways others have benefitted from your products and services. A lackluster website can lead to lost potential revenue — but a great Leia mais
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evmwang on Agosto 21, 2023
Access the on-demand recording: HubSpot Product Roundup Webinar - Q3 2023 Passcode: YQ$j%9s= We know it can be overwhelming to keep up with all the new tools and features available to you in your HubSpot account. Now you can Leia mais
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Professor de Inbound
Outubro 02, 2023
So happy I could showcase the newly certified and updated Webflow app for HubSpot. Happy to answer any additional questions, otherwise you can learn...Leia mais
kara_susvilla on Março 29, 2023
Companies managing multiple brands need organized yet integrated systems. Luckily, HubSpot customers can leverage ✨ business units ✨ to help manage different brand assets, contacts, and data from a single portal. Bu Leia mais
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kara_susvilla on Março 29, 2023
Have your heard? We just launched a brand new HubSpot Academy lesson for our multi-brand HubSpot customers: Managing Multiple Brands With Business Units . 🚀 Companies managing multiple brands need organized yet integrated s Leia mais
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