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gilian le Octobre 27, 2023
Hello! It'd be great to style the payment links so that it looks like our brand. The fonts and colors aren't adjustable. I'd love to be able to include my company's brand elements so the user stays immersed in our brand during the checkout process. Lire la suite
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Avril 12, 2024
Agree! And removing logo/updating logo options. This will add to the customer experience/branding in a HUGE way. Just need to be able to use the emai...Lire la suite
SDahlgren le Mars 29, 2024
I created a form and added payment link (Stripe connection) which works great. BUT the receipt that is sent to the customer does not meet the government standards. There is only my company name. It should have both postal address and VAT number, c Lire la suite
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Avril 12, 2024
I am running into the same issue... I can't find where to customize the email confirmation content?
DeanFrazier le Mai 09, 2023
I love that HubSpot has the option to process payments but the styling limitations make it unusable for my team. It would be great to have the ability to customize the payment and favicon, or at least have them default to the branding of the URL the Lire la suite
Avril 12, 2024
Much needed! Particularly for those of us who have multiple brands under an organization!!!
KFrątczak le Décembre 10, 2022
Hi, I need your help 🙂 Every month I pay over 100 Sales Hub seats , only to call from Hubspot. In order to avoid this payment I try to find an application that will allow our sales rep call to call and log calls from mobile devices with automat Lire la suite
Janvier 11, 2024
Are there any solutions out there that enable automatic logging when calling or texting from the Hubspot App? Without porting phone numbers to anothe...Lire la suite
bhalferty le Juin 22, 2017
When hitting the text message icon on the HubSpot Ap, it takes you to your texting screen on your phone, which is great. I think it would be very valuable to automatically log that text into the CRM if you hit that icon button on your contact's page Lire la suite
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Janvier 11, 2024
It seems really archaic that in 2024 if we are in the mobile HUBSPOT app and choose the call or text icon within the HUBSPOT app that this is NOT aut...Lire la suite
Essense le Mai 09, 2023
Hello community 🙂 Thank you for your support and time I have enabled logging of incoming emails. Howerver, this has generated the automatic creation of many uninteresting contacts (newsletter, spam, ...). So I thin I didn't set the function Lire la suite
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Juin 15, 2023
Is there a setting like this for the Outlook plugin? Either global for admins, or individual per user?
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