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FelipeFelix le Février 18, 2021
Hi there! HubSpot Pipeline tool is great for Sales and Support teams, but right now Key Account (Customer Success) and other teams that have continuous contact with clients really struggle to use HubSpot as Companies and Contacts just don't have Lire la suite
79 Mentions J'aime
35 Réponses
Juin 11, 2021
Would be amazing! We are working with Company Stages (for pre deal phase) and would love to present these companies in a Kanban view.
SmartAcre le Août 22, 2018
Hi, currently we are working on a new Free Trial experience, whereby users are now given 30 days to test out software and are then shut off after that period. When users sign up for a free trial, we would like to populate a Date Property that i Lire la suite
49 Mentions J'aime
27 Réponses
Juin 09, 2021
it would be great to have this as a native feature - I don't want to buy an additional tool to have this kind of basic functionality. If you're runni...Lire la suite
song le Mai 26, 2021
As of right now, when merging records, the latest value overwrites the older value. However that is not always accurate! there might be some properties where the older value is true, some where the new value is true It is especially confusing wh Lire la suite
10 Mentions J'aime
7 Réponses
Mai 28, 2021
absolutely needed, the way the company merge is currently set up makes this feature pretty much useless. If a duplicate company is created (different...Lire la suite
hroberts le Août 28, 2017
We should have the ability to add the meeting location information somewhere on the meetings booking page. Many contacts who book meetings often ask where the meeting will be held, as they don't check the event details once it's booked. I know you Lire la suite
225 Mentions J'aime
106 Réponses
Mai 05, 2021
It's a real pain that I have to go into Outlook for each and every meeting to add a location - in addition to being a pain, it always sends another u...Lire la suite
aeto le Mai 04, 2020
I am a bit shocked, I am new in Hubspot and I start to using products and I realize that there is no translation for product, I have to create duplicates in particular language. Strange
85 Mentions J'aime
33 Réponses
Avril 21, 2021
rvzello le Décembre 02, 2020
The new Sales Analytics Reports are great, but only if the amount field is your key revenue metric. In a SaaS business, the key metric tends to be MRR or ARR and it would be good to be able to see the Sales Analytics reports using MRR/ARR and the pr Lire la suite
2 Mentions J'aime
1 Réponse
Avril 20, 2021
Great idea! In the current set up, the Sales Analytics are basically useless to us as the main metric we run our business by is ARR - it's also a bit...Lire la suite
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