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Courtney Ellis


anthonyrichards on Março 12, 2019
I think it would be cool if we could A/B test pop-ups. For example, we have two events coming up that we want to promote and don't want the website to look spammy by running two pop-ups at the same time.
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Agosto 01, 2022
Hi all, Moving this tread to combine with a similar idea so we can look at the upvotes together!
JenWeiss on Julho 26, 2022
Job sites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, BUILT, Monster, Career Builder, and LinkedIn allow you to research companies and jobs that interest you in the span of a few minutes. As a sweetener, you’re also building an online presence at the same time. Leia mais
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Moderador da HubSpot
Julho 27, 2022
Interesting question!! I'm team resumes serve a purpose, but don't paint the whole picture. I see it as an introduction, and jumping off point to di...Leia mais
ritas on Novembro 11, 2021
When creating a Deal in Hubspot there is a 99 line item limit. I believe you can add more items but you can't see them to edit the pricing or make sure they are in sequence. We often have Deals that are more than 99 lines because we are trying to Leia mais
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Moderador da HubSpot
Julho 11, 2022
Hi there! I'm going to merge this idea with an existing thread to get a more accurate count of upvotes! ritas on ‎Nov 11, 2021...Leia mais
carmen on Setembro 24, 2018
Hi, I enrolled many contacts in a sequence. the sequence includes emails and tasks. however, the task to call contact is to be executed by another hubspot user. how can i assign that to them automatically?
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Moderador da HubSpot
Julho 11, 2022
Hi there! I am going to merge this idea and votes with a similar one to get a more accurate upvote count! Please hop over to Assign tasks from a se...Leia mais
svkakarlapudi on Agosto 03, 2020
I want HubSpot to create the First comment schedule for each post we schedule for all social media accounts that are linked to HubSpot. Immediately after scheduling the posts, we will schedule whatever we want to comment on first for that scheduled Leia mais
44 avaliações positivas
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Moderador da HubSpot
Junho 28, 2022
Hi all! Thank you for your thoughts here. Merging this idea with a similar one so that we can get an accurate count! All votes will be merged wit...Leia mais
dash_bret on Fevereiro 09, 2022
Now that you launched Hubspot Payments, we would love to have an integration with your QB online account so we can track any sales revenue that we are generating in Hubspot over to our QB account.
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Moderador da HubSpot
Março 28, 2022
Hi @dash_bret ! Check out our QuickBooks Online Integration overview! We have a few things in beta right now (syncing QuickBooks invoices to HubS...Leia mais
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