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Carissa Fitzgerald

Carissa Fitzgerald has experience in startup business development and sales leadership. She manages projects and resources within Maramba Consulting, as well as providing client-direct sales coaching and enablement to support revenue growth strategies. If she’s not busy with the Maramba Consulting team, you can find her singing with the jazz group, Portland Standard Time.


dbrennan444 on Juli 28, 2019
Use Google Voice phone number while calling or texting prospects and customers to utilize HubSpot functionality to track and make notes/follow up tasks. That would allow me to use one phone for both personal and business use with two different phone Beitrag ansehen
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Teilnehmer/-in | Partner
Februar 27, 2023
Upvoting! Google Voice, though not as popular as some other VoIPs, is easy to use within smaller businesses. I'd love to see the ability to integrate...Beitrag ansehen
Anonymous on September 22, 2020
Use case: marketing updates & loads documents, but sales should be displayed as the owner Request: make the owner of the files in Documents a dropdown selection that can be updated and centrally managed
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Teilnehmer/-in | Partner
Februar 14, 2023
Please implement this feature, my marketing teams don't want their names prompted on every document viewed.
CFitzgerald on Januar 20, 2023
We've got a team that builds deals on behalf of the company and 'deal owner'. Thus, I need a report that allows me to filter on Entered Stage Date and User Created ID. Ideally a bar graph grouping number and value of deals, grouped by User Created I Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
CFitzgerald on November 29, 2022
Does anyone know why the email composition taskbar within HubSpot offers the 'Quotes' functionality, while the Gmail extension omits it? In otherwords, when I'm in gmail with the extension on, there's no option to link in Quotes. I'm a super ad Beitrag ansehen
CFitzgerald on Oktober 13, 2022
I have a client who wants to implement this process: Customer fills out lead capture form Lead is round robin assigned a rep immediately Lead is redirected after form submission to a meeting link specific to the assigned rep So far I'v Beitrag ansehen
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banjoski on November 04, 2019
Please update the Shopify > Hubspot integration so that the shipping tracking number will sync to Hubspot after the product ships. This is essential.
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Juni 01, 2022
Any updates on this? This is absolutely essential with the integration.
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