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Rebecca Campbell

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RebeccaAM le Mars 09, 2023
Hello! We have been experiencing an issue where Grammarly interferes with HS tokens. Most of our tokens work as expected. However, occassionally, a token will not populate. The HS help desk has said it may have to with the Grammarly extension, but Lire la suite
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RebeccaAM le Mars 06, 2023
It would be really cool if we had more options for filtering tasks by their associated objects. This is the piece that is most lacking for our company. Use case scenario 1: We work with several partners. There is constant communication between Lire la suite
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RebeccaAM le Février 14, 2023
It would be awesome if we could use workflows to create a repeating task. We have several tasks that need to be repeated weekly. We can use a workflow to create the initial task, but have to rely on everyone's memory to check the "repeat task" box f Lire la suite
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AWry le Décembre 02, 2022
Having the ability to pin multiple Notes in an Activity Stream in a Company, Deal, Contact., or Ticket would be very beneficial.
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Décembre 29, 2022
Yes! This would be fantastic. I can think of a few different ways our teams could use this.
Kidomu le Mars 09, 2021
Currently, a due date for a task can be set to a specific date or a set number of days from task creation. Suggestion: allow task due date to be set in relation to a date property on an associated record Example use case: use a deal-bas Lire la suite
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Octobre 14, 2022
This would be extremely helpful. We have properties to track when various activities happen. For example, when a client is panning to complete a proj...Lire la suite
SimonC le Novembre 18, 2020
When regularly sending an email to the same group of contacts it would be useful to be able to create that group so that you did not have to type each person every time
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Juin 02, 2022
This would be huge and is built in to several other systems. Hubspot is so good at so many things I'm sometimes baffled when simpiler functionalities...Lire la suite
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