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dschroed le Septembre 10, 2019
linked to these Forume messages, but no duplictates in the IDEA Forum: I need to be able to respond to instagram messages via my Hubspot account. Can you please look into utilizing the FB Business Manager API, to also integ Lire la suite
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Avril 06, 2022
We have decided to cancel our Hubspot Service subscription and are moving to Zendesk to support this. Waited years for this with no updates... Go...Lire la suite
Perrakoski le Octobre 31, 2018
It would be beneficial to have Date stamp & Time stamp (system time, eg. YYYY-MM-DD & HH:MM) as available properties in Hubspot. So that one can pick date or time stamps to use in snippets or workflows.
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Février 02, 2022
Blown away that this isn't built in yet. Time and timezone picker are pretty standard data fields.
AJLaPorte_diagr le Octobre 10, 2017
You should create a connector for use with Google's DataStudio Application. This would help us create a more robust report for our users and we can leverage the statistics that HubSpot provides. Currently, other services like Databox can connect to Lire la suite
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Août 30, 2021
Any timelines for this to happen? Our business needs this given the limitations in hubspot analytics & reports currently.
Herschel le Mai 09, 2019
Issue: Tickets Owner and associated Conversation Assignee are not linked. Use Case: Our support team rotates who is on call. Whoever is on call during a specified period of time will answer incoming client issues for that period. To facilitate t Lire la suite
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Janvier 27, 2021
Upvoting! This would be extremely useful. No apparent use case for our service that as yet would require a different assignee to the ticket owne...Lire la suite
Benjamin_ le Janvier 08, 2020
Our Support team is struggling with the fact that we often have tickets that actually consist of two separate issues, or customers who 6 months after a ticket has been closed decide to just reply to that particular ticket to ask a -totally unrelated Lire la suite
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Janvier 06, 2021
Similar experience when you are forwarding a ticket to another email contact. All replies also sit in the same thread UI. Super confusing when you ar...Lire la suite
scubadrew le Avril 17, 2017
The entire interface should be accessible via the keyboard. Hubspot recognizes the importance of them by blogging about them: Hubspot blog on Facebook keyboard shortcuts hubspot blog on chrome keyboard shortcuts They even ha Lire la suite
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Décembre 29, 2020
Would love to see contact related shortcuts to pull existing meta data, would be super helpful, e.g. contact.firstname
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