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jmclaren le Août 17, 2022
This announcement on the forums is a cross-posting of this changelog announcement. As announced on October 7, 2021, we stopped accepting new submissions and updates to templates, template packs, modules, and email templates. On October 20, Lire la suite
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Février 02, 2023
Hey @jmclaren , any news on the return of modules to the MP yet? The post mentioned finding out more by the end of 22, but not seen anything 🙂
01184 le Juillet 08, 2021
1. Customer Service and Sales Agents 2. See information from other applications in summary objects where they are interacting with customers 3. Knowledge is power, the more information centralised on the customer enables better support and more ef Lire la suite
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Novembre 16, 2022
+1 From me With the intro of CRM Development tools, this takes us a step closer but we just need to be able to add our newly development cards to...Lire la suite
plau le Juin 21, 2019
At the moment it's not possible to insert tables in the drag and drop email editor. Even if we paste table HTML in the source code, it gets stripped away when we save it. Current workarounds include: Add a screenshot of the table instead: Lire la suite
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Octobre 05, 2022
'and my axe!' +1 from me, some of team and their emails could really do with getting some sort of table functionality - Or at least the ability t...Lire la suite
Charmaine le Septembre 09, 2019
It would be great if we could have a custom field type that was for "time." This property would let me select the time for an appointment as well as the time zone. It would help when trying to create workflows to trigger based off appointme Lire la suite
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Septembre 26, 2022
Hey team, I recently added a temporary workaround for this challenge. Set up Set up 4 properties "Time" - Single-line text property "Hour"...Lire la suite
jbogaert le Mai 24, 2022
Hello! The Operations Hub Show & Tell is back! Tomorrow, May 25 at 10, our product team will talk about Operations Hub, what it is, and how they're thinking about its future. Joining us will be Frans Leys (Data Sync), Mega Lire la suite
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Septembre 14, 2022
Mind blown @MeganLegge ! Big thank you to you and the team behind these improvements, this is great! Steve
Hawk-Steve le Juin 06, 2022
Context When an inbox is set up to create tickets, it will do so for anything that arrives and is not marked as spam. If an email arrives and is marked as spam, no ticket will be created from the email. If an email is accidentally marked as sp Lire la suite
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Août 23, 2022
Awesome stuff @rpetrozzino ! Kudos bundle coming your way (along with the rest of the team)! 😎
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