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Vernon Cheung

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LES le Novembre 28, 2022
Hello, we have a website with HubSpot to which we have connected a domain. It has been active for weeks. Recently, we have run into an error that we don't understand. The domain seems to have 'fallen off' of our navigation menu, and exposes the Lire la suite
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Janvier 29, 2024
@LES $& @franksteiner79 - Did you ever find a resolution to this issue. We are experience your exact issue with our blog subdomain All menu ...Lire la suite
TKilpelänaho le Novembre 06, 2023
Hi, The new Prospecting tools including the brand new Lead object are really great new features! I just think that before I can consider introducing the leads object to the customers few things need to be enhanced: Lead object owners Lire la suite
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Janvier 29, 2024
A basic change of lead ownership that works with automation and that is independant from contact owner It's great that they keep adding "new" featur...Lire la suite
KeeganSmith87 le Août 06, 2019
I'd really like to be able to do the following, from a customer segmentation point of view: Create a calculated property in which we can display: Number of deals associated in a 12 month rolling (or static) set of dates (for instance, "total r Lire la suite
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Novembre 27, 2023
esundance le Mai 12, 2017
I have month-to-month contracts and would like to be able to duplicate a Deal so I don't have to enter the same info each month.
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Septembre 27, 2023
I am at the point that I already prepare myself before searching for a solution on Hubspot, that it most likely has been posted as an idea on the com...Lire la suite
SatyamSahay14 le Septembre 08, 2017
Hi All, I would be really obliged if any of you could help me with this migration process. I have website build in Hubspot. But now I need to migrate this website from Hubspot to Wordress without any loss of data and minimum changes. Please Lire la suite
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Juillet 10, 2023
Well articulated!!! This is the truth they don't tell you until you are deep in the ecosystem.
ybn le Octobre 22, 2020
It should be possible to import deals with line items
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Mars 16, 2023
The issue I'm finding amongst the many basic features missing is I have to manually update all the line items to all previous deals which is just unr...Lire la suite
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